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Godzilla Singular Point episodes
The title card of "Graftage"
Series Godzilla Singular Point
Episode # 8
Directed by Noriyuki Nomata, Takuma Suzuki, Shuji Miyahara
Written by Toh EnJoe
Air date
  • May 13, 2021 (Netflix)JP
  • May 20, 2021 (television)
  • June 24, 2021 (Netflix)int'l
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"Graftage" (まぼろしのすがた,   Maboroshi no Sugata, lit. "An Illusory Figure") is the eighth episode of Godzilla Singular Point. Directed by Noriyuki Nomata, Takuma Suzuki, and Shuji Miyahara, it debuted on the Japanese Netflix on May 13, 2021, and on Japanese television May 20.


Type 10 Tanks shell Godzilla Amphibia, to no effect. The monster emits a freezing vapor from his mouth that combusts when the tanks fire another volley, triggering a massive explosion. A day later, Godzilla is presumed to have died in the explosion, his seemingly charred body motionless and no longer emitting Red Dust. Yun Arikawa, Haberu Kato, and Goro Otaki hear the news over the radio, though Yun invokes the phoenix and the eucalyptus - a mythical creature and a plant that burn in order to later live. Yung, awed by having a body in the form of Jet Jaguar, muses about cumulonimbus clouds as it sits on the back of their truck. They halt their drive to Tokyo when they smell a dead Manda that washed ashore on a nearby beach. Yun quickly deduces that the kaiju's killer wasn't human, and they move to investigate.

After a drone examines Godzilla up-close, the JSDF theorizes that he is still alive and has entered a sort of pupa state. Shunya Sato and Norikiyo Fujiwara pass through a police checkpoint in Tokyo; at seeing a Rodan corpse removed by crane, the latter remarks that there are no longer any of the monsters left living in the city. They locate a post office that has become the final destination of Shunya's report on the Misakioku alarm after it was forwarded three times. One of the addresses is to Upala, India, which Shunya recognizes as the location of a SHIVA facility.

In Upala, Bearach "BB" Byrne uses his daughter Lina as a sounding board for his struggles to manipulate Archetype while only being able to perceive the part of it that exists in their dimension. He believes that the Orthogonal Diagonalizer is the solution to also being able to control Archetype in the transtemporal dimension. SHIVA security drags him back to the facility on Tilda Miller's orders, as he's been ignoring her calls.

Aboard a ship to London, Dr. Li Guiying tells Mei Kamino that her theory about Archetype being transtemporal is correct, though unfortunately SHIVA has now concluded it can't be fully understood without the kind of super calculator Yun previously mentioned. Mei concludes that Ashihara created such a calculator that he used for his own descriptions of Archetype; Li replies that she is partially correct, but Ashihara's attempt to see into the future with the calculator showed him a catastrophe. They are distracted by a Rodan flying overhead and two Manda ramming a neighboring ship. More of the sea monsters swim beneath London Bridge as endless swarms of Rodan turn the skies red.

Now in London, speeding in the opposite direction of every other car, Li explains that Ashihara tried reaching further and further into the future to increase the computing power of his calculator. Past a certain point, however, the calculator gave varied answers to the same question, a breakdown she calls the Ashihara Catastrophe. They reach his former home, and Li tasks Mei with deciphering the research stored there, since she's already gotten farther than anyone else.

Tilda admonishes a handcuffed BB for risking the destruction of the SHIVA facility with the Orthogonal Diagonalizer. Michael Steven comes to his defense, pointing out that Salunga would have escaped otherwise, and frees him. He adds that Ashihara predicted Archetype recreating the world in the 21st century, and SHIVA's board has approved the continuation of Ashihara's experiments based on Mei's findings.

Examining a gaping hole in the Manda's chest, Goro thinks Godzilla killed the monster, while Haberu suggests giant sea roaches or squillas. Yun notices a nearby shipyard warehouse covered in silk, gigantic purple spikes, and what look like cocoons, seeming to confirm Haberu's theory. They find Jet Jaguar playing with a trio of kids, who wish it luck on its kaiju hunt. The Otaki Factory crew is joined by three shipyard employees, who Goro regales with the story of his battle with Anguirus. Jet Jaguar suddenly warns that something is approaching. After rattling several sailboats, it comes into view atop one's mast: a spider monster, Kumonga. It leaps to another mast, then tumbles to the ground as the boat falls. It nearly catches one of the employees, but Haberu tackles him out of the way. Jet Jaguar slices it in half with the Spear of Anguirus, but the halves, oozing a bright blue substance, continue moving. Goro ineffectually bashes the head with a large wrench. It catches his foot in its mouth; Jet Jaguar rescues him with another spear strike, this time leaving it motionless. Six more Kumonga surround them. Jet Jaguar calculates that it can only hope to defeat four of them, and instructs the humans to distract the other two.

A bombing run against Godzilla fails to damage it. Mei and Pelops II tackle Ashihara's stagging volume of writings. The robot characterizes them as "a mix of cosmology, information science, molecular biology, and the occult." They find that Ashihara used a network of super calculators instead of just one. Pelops II believes that this approach resulted in the conflicting answers Li mentioned - a rivalry of sorts between the calculators, each trying to outperform the others. Each super calculator, Mei realizes from Ashihara's sketches, which depict them as eyes, is also a Singular Point, and possibly its own universe as well.

The Kumonga give Jet Jaguar a tough fight and doggedly pursue the humans. Yun stumbles and one looms over him, but Jet Jaguar throws the spear through its head, stopping it. Jet Jaguar reports that one of the Kumonga escaped; one of the workers is missing as well, possibly abducted by it. Unable to see what's inside the warehouse, Jet Jaguar investigates alone in the hopes of rescuing him. At the same time, Yun receives a flurry of messages from Mei about the Catastrophe and the defeated Kumonga revive, the blue ooze now serving as replacement limbs and heads. Yun tries to recall Jet Jaguar, but it's staring down 20 more monsters inside the warehouse - and counting.


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