Pelops II

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Pelops II
Pelops II in Godzilla Singular Point
Pelops II's robot body in Godzilla Singular Point
Species Artificial intelligence
Aliases Pero 2, Pero II
Related to Naratake (AI source),
Jet Jaguar PP (descendant)
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla Singular Point
episode 1, "Terzetto"
Godzilla Singular Point
episode 13, "Together"
Played by Japanese: Misaki Kuno
English: Cassandra Lee Morris[1]
German: Julia Bautz
Spanish: Irene Garres (Castilian)
Italian: Veronica Cuscusa
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Hello from Pelops II. This computer has little space for me. Let me organize the data inside.

— Pelops II introducing itself to Mei Kamino. (Godzilla Singular Point)

Pelops II (ペロ2 (ツー),   Pero Tsū) is a doglike artificial intelligence who appears in the 2021 animated Godzilla series, Godzilla Singular Point.


Pelops II's Japanese name, Pero Tsū, is likely derived from the Japanese onomatopoeia peropero (ペロペロ), meaning "licking." It may have also been chosen to echo the Spanish word for dog, "perro."

The English name "Pelops" is taken from a figure from Greek mythology, the son of Tantalus and the father of Atreus. This translation is nonstandard, as the Japanese name Pero would imply the "ps" in Pelops to be silent, when in fact it was pronounced in the name of the real Pelops. By contrast, "Pelops" is typically transcribed into Japanese as Peropusu (ペロプス). In-universe, Mei names Pelops II after her late dog, Pelops, thus making it the second Pelops.


A cute, doglike artificial intelligence who settled down on Mei's computer, born from the communications AI "Naratake" developed by Yun. As Mei's good companion, Pelops supports her efforts in unraveling the mystery of "Godzilla."


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Reiwa era

Godzilla Singular Point


Pelops II was born after Mei Kamino downloaded Yun Arikawa's AI assistant Naratake. Naratake accessing multiple functions of the computer and switching from English to Japenese despite Mei upon Mei's request despite not giving it permission to access initially aroused suspiscion in Mei, who believed it to be a virus and attempted to uninstall it, but Naratake managed to quell Mei's fears. After agreeing to let it stay, Mei named it Pelops II after a dog she used to own.


Two days after being installed, Mei had Pelops II help her research aviary creatures after the appearance of the monster Rodan. Pelops took interest in the notes Mei had written over transdimensional flying creatures and suggested she publish them, but she rejected the idea as they were disorangized until Pelops offered to organize them itself. A while later, Pelops had published the paper under it and Mei's name and informed Mei that a professor named Li Guiying had emailed her about the paper and wanted to meet her in Tokyo as Mei was making ramen. On the journey to Tokyo, Pelops helped Mei research the professor and found she worked for an organization named SHIVA Consortium.




Godzilla Singular Point trailers

Godzilla Singular Point










In other languages

Language Name Meaning
China and Taiwan Flags.png Mandarin Chinese 佩羅2號 Pèiluó Èrhào Partial transcription of Japanese name
Flagicon Thailand.png Thai เปโระ 2 Peroa S̄xng Partial transcription of Japanese name


  • A structure on top of the cube-shaped robot that Pelops controls resembles the antenna of Zone Fighter.


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