Fumio Sudo

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Fumio Sudo
A Nebulan disguised as Fumio Sudo in Godzilla vs. Gigan
Species Human; Nebulan (impostor)
Nationality Japanese
Age 17[1]
Aliases Chairman
Occupation Student; chairman of World Children's Land (impostor)
Related to Bunzo Sudo (ancestor)[1]
First appearance Godzilla vs. Gigan
Played by Zan Fujita

Fumio Sudo (須東 文夫,   Sudō Fumio) is the name of a Japanese teenager who was killed in a mountaineering accident prior to the events of the 1972 Godzilla film Godzilla vs. Gigan.[1] A year after his death, a pair of alien invaders from the M Space Hunter Nebula took up the identities of Sudo and his teacher Kubota who also died in the same accident.[2] The impostor Sudo leads the Nebulan invasion force within the Godzilla Tower behind the front of the World Children's Land theme park, of which he serves as the chairman.


In the film, the impostor Sudo is typically addressed only as Chairman (会長,   Kaichō).


Showa era

Godzilla vs. Gigan

In approximately 1971, 17 year old high school student Fumio Sudo and his English teacher Kubota perished in a mountain climbing accident. Around the same time, a force of scientifically advanced insectoid aliens hailing from a dying planet in the M Space Hunter Nebula was planning a hostile conquest of Earth. The following year, two of the aliens assumed the identities of Sudo and Kubota, posing as executives of a charitable theme park called World Children's Land. The impostor Sudo acted as the park's chairman, performing advanced calculations and commanding the invasion from within the park's Godzilla Tower attraction. An engineer hired by the park, Takeshi Shima, became suspicious of his superiors' intentions and was imprisoned and forced to work against his will, but his sister Machiko stole one of the aliens' "Action Tapes" in her quest to find him. She recruited an artist hired by the park, Gengo Odaka, to help her find the truth. Odaka, Machiko, and her associate Shosaku Takasugi learned the truth about the real Sudo and Kubota, and tried to free Takeshi from Godzilla Tower with the help of Odaka's girlfriend Tomoko Tomoe. However, the Nebulans caught Odaka and Tomoko, with the Sudo impostor revealing their true identity and motives.

After receiving approval to alter the timetable from his home planet, Sudo summoned the space monsters King Ghidorah and Gigan to begin the invasion of Earth. Fortunately, the playing of the stolen Action Tape had alerted Godzilla and Anguirus to the aliens' plan, and they stepped in to fight the space monsters. Takasugi and Machiko rescued their allies and, with the cooperation of the JSDF, set an explosive trap in the Godzilla Tower elevator that the Nebulan guards triggered. With the Tower's control room destroyed, the fake Sudo and Kubota's disguises faded away as they lay dying. The Chairman lamented the failure of their perfectly calculated plan just before they were engulfed by the inferno.


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