Mu Empress

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Mu Empress
The Mu Empress in Atragon
Species Human
Nationality Muan
Occupation Empress of Mu
First appearance Atragon
Played by Tetsuko Kobayashi

The Mu Empress (ムウ帝国皇帝,   Mū Teikoku Kōtei, lit. "Mu Empire Empress") is the ruler of the Mu Empire in the 1963 Toho film, Atragon.


Showa era


The Mu Empress commanded her people to launch an attack on the surface world, so as to reclaim the once-great empire Mu possessed 12,000 years ago. In addition, she ordered her agents to find Hachiro Jinguji and prevent him from completing his ultimate weapon, an undersea battleship which could threaten the Muans' naval superiority. When a Mu agent captured Jinguji's daughter, Makoto, as well as her love interest Susumu Hatanaka, the Mu High Priest asked the Empress what they should do with them. The Empress decided that they should be sacrificed to Manda, the giant sea dragon guardian of Mu. She had Makoto and Susumu thrown into a jail cell with two other prisoners from the surface, and when Jinguji did not respond to the Muans' demands to dismantle the Gotengo she prepared to have them sacrificed. However, Susumu had stolen some of the dynamite used by the Muans to blast through rock, and used it to hold the Empress hostage so he and the other prisoners could escape. Susumu and the prisoners brought the Empress into a waterlock room and donned diving suits so they could swim to the surface. The Empress secretly pressed a button that released Manda before she too was forced to don a diving suit. Susumu and the prisoners brought the Empress aboard the Gotengo, where she smugly told Jinguji that her people would win this war. After the Gotengo and its crew destroyed Mu's artificial sun, the Empress watched from the warship's deck as her kingdom was engulfed in a massive explosion. She then proceeded to jump overboard and swim back to the explosion so she could die along with her people.

Video games

Godzilla: Trading Battle

In this game, the Mu Empress is among the various opponents who can challenge the player to a duel. She also appears on an Effect Card that adds a water element to one of the player's bases.

Godzilla Defense Force

The Mu Empress is available as an ally of the Earth Defense Force against the Xiliens in the 2019 mobile game Godzilla Defense Force. If stationed in a city by the player, she will increase the player's damage rate per second and continuously generate coins worth a certain percentage of the player's damage per second rate after a set amount of time.








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