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King Kong incarnations
King Kong (Universal)
King Kong (Monsterverse)
King Kong (Ready Player One)
King Kong
Kong with the B.E.A.S.T. Glove in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire
The newborn Kong on the cover of Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #3
Turnaround of Kong's CGI model in Kong: Skull Island
Kong on a poster for Godzilla vs. Kong
Name information
Alternate names Kong, Monkey, The King,
Eighth Wonder of the World,GvK[1] StrangerGxK novelization
Subtitle(s) Giant God of Skull Island
(髑髏島の巨神,   Dokurotō no Kyoshin)KSI
Guardian God of Skull Island
(髑髏島の守護神,   Dokurotō no Shugoshin)KSI
Guardian Deity (守護神,   Shugoshin)
The King of Skull Island[2]
Ultimate Guardian[3]
The Challenger[4]
The Juggernaut of the Jungle[5]
The Mighty[6]
The Mighty Titan[7]
The Apex Predator[8]
Alpha Titan of Skull Island[9]
Defender of Hollow EarthGxKTC
Titanus Kong (individual),
Apus Giganticus (species)[10][a]
Physical information
Species Giant ape Titan
Height 104 feet[11] / 31.6 metersKSI[12]
337 feet[13][14] / 102-103 metersGvK-GxK[15][16]
Weight 158 tons,KSI[11]
Other stats Head length: 5.7 metersKSI[12]
Palm size: 4.8 metersKSI[12]
Foot length: 6.7 metersKSI[12]
Foot width: 55 feet /
~17 metersGvK[16][c]
Thigh circumference: 10.9 metersKSI[12]
Canine teeth length: 1.3 metersKSI[12]
Teeth length: 2.5-4 feet /
~0.8-1.2 metersGvK[16]
Maximum roar volume: 170 dBGvK[1]
Bone tensile strength: 2,800 megapascals[17]
Favorite food: Leaves, bamboo, giant octopus[17]
Forms Infant,BoK adolescent,KSI adultGvK-GxK
Affiliation information
Place(s) of emergence Skull Island
Controlled by Gorilla Grodd (temporarily)JLvGvK
Relations Deceased mother and father,
Suko (adoptive son)
Allies Iwi, Sker Buffalo, Hank Marlow, Mason Weaver, James Conrad, Houston Brooks, Lin San, Jia, Ilene Andrews, Godzilla, island girl, Hawk Monster, Dog, Annie, Spineprowler cubs, Trapper, Suko, Mothra, Shimo, Great Apes, SupergirlJLvGvK, Mechagodzilla (temporarily)JLvGvK, Beast BoyJLvGvK, BehemothJLvGvK, SupermanJLvGvK
Enemies Skullcrawlers/Skull Devil, Mire Squid, Preston Packard, Death Jackals, Sirenjaw, Mother Longlegs, Psychovultures, Camazotz, Spirit Tiger, Walter R. Riccio, Godzilla (sometimes), Warbats, Hellhawks, Mechagodzilla, Croc Monster,
Grass Hedgehog, Killer Chameleons, Kraken, Dog (initially), Annie (initially), Charlie, Spineprowler, Titan Hunter,
Wart Dogs, Doug, Suko (initially), Drownviper, Skar King, Shimo (initially), Great Apes (initially),
Supergirl (initially)JLvGvK, Bat-MechJLvGvK, Green Lantern RoboJLvGvK, Beast Boy (initially)JLvGvK
Real world information
Played by Terry Notary (motion capture)KSI,
Toby Kebbell (facial capture)KSI,
Eric Petey (motion capture)GvK[18]
Other information
First appearance Latest appearance
Kong: Skull Island Godzilla x Kong:
The New Empire
2017:2021, 2024:More roars
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I know Jia's only a child. But she's the only one he'll communicate with. And we need Kong to find that power source. The world needs him.

Nathan Lind (Godzilla vs. Kong)

King Kong (キングコング,   Kingu Kongu) is a giant ape Titan who first appeared in the 2017 Legendary Pictures film Kong: Skull Island. He is the largest incarnation of the character to date.

The last of a race of huge, gorilla-like apes who reigned over Skull Island, Kong was born in the midst of a battle between his parents and a horde of vicious Skullcrawlers. Kong's mother sealed him safely within a cave before the Skullcrawlers slaughtered her along with his father. The infant Kong witnessed the brutal demise of his parents from the cave and dedicated his life to avenging them by keeping the island's Skullcrawler population in check and defending the other creatures of the island. He was first witnessed by humans other than the island's Iwi tribe when fighter pilots Hank Marlow and Gunpei Ikari crashed on the island following a dogfight over the Pacific Ocean in 1944. Nearly three decades later in 1973, a survey expedition to the previously uncharted island organized by the scientific organization Monarch brought many more people to the island, who unintentionally drew more Skullcrawlers to the surface by dropping seismic charges to map the island. Kong destroyed the helicopter escort carrying the expedition members in a furious rage, causing Colonel Preston Packard to develop a burning hatred for the Titan. Some of the survivors encountered Marlow and the Iwi and learned Kong's true nature as a protector of the island. However, Packard and his surviving men salvaged heavy ordnance from a downed Sea Stallion and sprung a trap for Kong which succeeded in weakening him enough to the point the colossal Skull Devil emerged. Kong killed Packard before the evil creature attacked him, and Packard's men joined up with the other survivors to escape the island. The Skull Devil chose to pursue them, but Kong came to their rescue and slew the beast once and for all. The survivors were successfully extracted from the island, their experience kept a secret to everyone except Monarch.

In 1995, Aaron Brooks, the son of 1973 expedition member and Monarch scientist Houston Brooks, organized a covert return mission to the island out of a belief Kong could not be trusted to keep the volatile ecosystem under control. The mission became a disaster as the island's more malevolent fauna stranded the team and killed many members. Kong rescued them from a pack of attacking Death Jackals, and later from a Sirenjaw. One of the team members, Walter R. Riccio, lost his mind on the island and blasted open a hole in the wall surrounding the Iwi village, meant as a sort of "test" of whether the Iwi were worthy of Kong's protection. Kong quickly sprung into action and saved the Iwi from attacking Mother Longlegs, then killed Riccio once he realized he was the cause of the attack. Brooks, now the last survivor of the expedition, met Kong face-to-face and finally understood his pure intentions and capability to defend the island, and chose to remain behind and help the Iwi rebuild.

Twenty-nine years later, after Kong drove Camazotz back to the Hollow Earth, Skull Island's climate became unstable due to a perpetual storm, forcing Kong to be contained in a dome-shaped facility that simulated the island's environment, with the sole surviving Iwi named Jia providing him company. After being convinced by Nathan Lind to bring Kong with them on a joint expedition between Monarch and Apex Cybernetics into the Hollow Earth in order to find a power source that could help build a weapon capable of stopping the rampaging Godzilla, Jia and her adoptive mother Ilene Andrews accompanied Kong as he was escorted by sea to an entrance in Antarctica. However, Godzilla arrived and attacked the fleet, battling Kong and nearly drowning him before they were separated by depth charges. Godzilla called off his attack after he no longer deemed Kong a threat and the remaining fleet "played dead" by shutting off their power. Kong was brought to the Antarctica entrance by air and, after some convincing from Jia, headed into the Hollow Earth. After battling a pair of Warbats, Kong made his way to a large throne room where he found an ancient axe that was charged by the same energy that powered the temple. Godzilla drilled a hole into the Hollow Earth with his atomic breath, causing the temple to collapse. Fighting off a swarm of Hellhawks and killing Apex executive Maia Simmons, the angered Kong then made his way to Hong Kong where he battled Godzilla. After a protracted battle, Kong was eventually defeated by Godzilla and collapsed to the ground unconscious. When Jia informed Andrews that Kong was dying, Lind landed the remaining HEAV onto Kong's chest and overloaded it, reviving him. Jia convinced Kong to help Godzilla against the newly unleashed Mechagodzilla, and the two Titans managed to destroy the mech with some human assistance. Kong and Godzilla acknowledged each other before Godzilla went back into the ocean and Kong made his permanent home in the Hollow Earth.


In general, this incarnation of the character is only referred to as Kong (コング,   Kongu) onscreen and in promotional materials. However, he is referred to by his full name of "King Kong" in Kong: Skull Island - The Official Movie Novelization, in the Japanese title and marketing for the film, in press releases for Skull Island: The Birth of Kong, in Funko's merchandise, in the packaging for a ceramic tiki mug made by Mondo,[19] and in a track from the film's soundtrack. His full name, spelled in katakana, is also seen briefly in the opening title sequence for Godzilla vs. Kong, and is also used in a promo image for Bandai's HG D+ Godzilla 06 gashapon figure wave.[20] The film's Chinese title also refers to Kong by his full name. In Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Monarch gives Kong the Titan classification Titanus Kong. His species' cryptozoological classification in the Monsterverse is Apus Giganticus.[10][a]


The appearance of this incarnation of Kong is mostly based on the 1933 incarnation.[citation needed] Kong stands upright like a human, with his incredibly long arms held at his sides. Kong's fur is a light brown color and covers the majority of his body except for his face, chest, hands, and feet. Kong's skin is a dark gray color, and he has large scars running across his chest. Kong has small rounded ears on the sides of his head, one of which has a chunk taken out of it, and possesses many ape-like features on his face, such as a flat nose with rounded nostrils and large canine teeth in his mouth. Kong has a total of 32 teeth.[12][16]

In Godzilla vs. Kong, he possesses a pronounced human-like beard which covers the lower part of his head and chin, two scars on his nose and a scar on the right side of his belly. Kingdom Kong shows that Kong's legs have lengthened, giving him more human-like body proportions. He also has broader shoulders with much larger amounts of fur than before, almost looking like football pads.

In the series Skull Island, Kong possesses much larger forearms. He has a beard similar to the one seen in Godzilla vs. Kong, although it is smaller.

In Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, he has a long scar running across his back, his fur appears to slightly more gray and his beard is slightly longer than it was in Godzilla vs. Kong.[21] After eating Wart Dog meat, his right canine tooth is replaced with a titanium one by Trapper.[22] Later, he is equipped with a yellow mechanical glove on his right arm, named the B.E.A.S.T. (Bio-Enhanced Anatomech Seismic Thunder) Glove.[23]


Kong, saddened that his meal got stolen by Doug, in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Kong is the guardian of Skull Island and is responsible for maintaining the natural order and defending the island's wildlife from threats. Monarch classifies Kong’s behavior as that of a "protector,"[13] along with fellow Titans Godzilla, Mothra, Behemoth, and Methuselah. While Kong appears to be highly territorial in Kong: Skull Island, he does demonstrate some degree of altruism, such as rescuing a trapped Sker Buffalo and saving Mason Weaver from drowning. Kong is not normally aggressive towards humans, and only attacks them when provoked. The native Iwi tribe reveres Kong and views him as their savior, as he and his family allegedly defended them from the Skullcrawlers in the past. Kong demonstrates an interest in Mason Weaver, as he at one point allows her to touch his face, and later admires her in his hand after he rescues her from the Skull Devil. Kong demonstrated visible sadness in Kingdom Kong when he sees a Sker Buffalo he rescued has been killed by a flock of Psychovultures. Kong has also shown a great deal of curiosity, as shown in Godzilla vs. Kong where he investigates his species' ancestral temple in the Hollow Earth and the battle axe found inside.

Skull Island: The Birth of Kong fully reveals Kong's driving motivations for keeping the order of the island. After witnessing his parents' deaths moments after he was born, Kong chose to avenge them and honor their memory by keeping the island's Skullcrawler population under control and actively defending the island's least malicious and most vulnerable life, including the Iwi people. He actively rescues members of Monarch's second off-the-books expedition to the island from Death Jackals and a Sirenjaw, and immediately comes to the aid of the Iwi village once it is besieged by Mother Longlegs allowed into the village by the deranged Walter R. Riccio. Kong recognizes individual humans and understands that they share his level of intelligence, and is shown to distinguish between those he judges as friendly and those who are not. As such, he defends or genially regards most humans but kills Preston Packard, Riccio, and Maia Simmons. In Godzilla vs. Kong, Kong took the Iwi girl Jia under his wing after the storm around Skull Island reached the island interior. This is further explored in the film's novelization, which shows that Kong saved Jia after her family was killed by a Sirenjaw. When Maia ordered her guards to aim their weapons at the girl, Kong roared angrily at them in her defense. Kong is also shown to be vengeful towards Godzilla after the latter’s atomic breath blasted through his ancient temple, which resulted in its collapse. After some convincing from Jia, Kong realized that Godzilla is an ally of his and teams up with him against Mechagodzilla.

In the Skull Island episode "You're Not a King, You're Just a Stupid Animal", set at some point between 1973 and 1993, Kong is show to have befriended a young Skull Island girl and seems to be able to understand her speech. He has a playful but reckless side to him that eventually leads to him nearly getting himself, the girl, and the Hawk Monster killed in a fight with a trio of Killer Chameleons. When confronted and scolded by the Skull Islander afterwards, Kong lost his temper after she called him a "foolish boy" and a "giant idiot." That night, Kong came to regret losing his composure, whining as he sat on the mountain on which the pair would stargaze every night. The next morning, he tried to make amends by offering a fruit tree to the Skull Islander’s village, though he ended up recklessly causing a bit of destruction and irritating his friend in the process, frustrating him further. He mourned her and her fellow islanders after the Kraken slaughtered them, burying her and keeping her necklace as a memento, and developing a hatred of the Titan. His attachment to the necklace was such that Annie, Charlie, and Dog were able to lure him into the Kraken's territory, which he had previously avoided. Kong valued his late friend’s necklace to the point that he nearly pummeled Annie and Dog when he had them cornered at the edge of the ocean. However, after Annie attempted to give it back, he seemed to forgive her and Dog afterwards, saving their lives during the battle against the Kraken.

Kong puts the defense of Skull Island as his first priority, and his will is so strong he is willing to stand up to Titans of equal status to his own if necessary, as noted in Godzilla: King of the Monsters - The Official Movie Novelization. Kong's willpower renders him resistant to the Alpha call of King Ghidorah, which awakens most other Titans around the globe and bends them to his will, including the Leafwings and Skullcrawlers on the island. Kong actively chooses to remain on his island and ignore Ghidorah's call to "hunt together" with him, and his attention is immediately grabbed by the Skullcrawlers responding to Ghidorah. Only Godzilla and Mothra also proved immune to Ghidorah's call.

Godzilla vs. Kong: The Official Movie Novelization explains that Kong has a dislike of things outside of his reach, including the Sun and the Moon.[24] He would throw trees at the sun in his youth, resuming this inside Monarch Outpost 236 due to a lack of more immediate adversaries.[24]

By the events of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, Kong has grown more expressive, but laid back as well. When he was cornered by the Wart Dogs, Kong tore in half one of their dead members over himself to create an intimidation display that foreshowed his ferocity, effectively scaring off the remaining members. Kong has gotten so used to taking care of himself, he appears human-like in every regard, not even losing his temper when Doug stole his claimed carcass. Kong's shown to be able to use the Hollow Earth portals somewhat regularly, as he heads through one to Barbados for Monarch's assistance in dealing with a nasty tooth infection.

Likely because of his time in the Hollow Earth, Kong's isolation has become far more apparent. Whereas in the past he had the Iwi and Jia to rely on for somewhat regular companionship, he has become so desperate to find others of his kind that he mistakes his own cries reproduced by a Parrot Frog for others of his kind. When he found a chasm that had skeletal remains of other apes, he was visibly saddened even further. Upon coming into contact with Suko, he is almost immediately submissive and reaches his hand out for the juvenile ape to reach, before he ends up biting Kong's hand and Kong is ambushed by the other Apes in the scouting group. Despite them attacking Kong and Kong using Suko as a club when he had started attacking Kong's face, Kong still showed a level of mercy as he had save one of the apes from falling to his death, before said ape turned on Kong and got knocked to his death. In spite of Suko attempting to lead him to his death, Kong shows kindness to him by giving him meat from the Drownviper he had just killed and proceed to develop a proper father-son bond throughout the film. When Godzilla arrived in Egypt he attempts to reason with Godzilla though ultimately proven futile, even when he did fight back he didn’t try to kill him needing his allyship.


Kong is the last living member of a species of gigantic apes native to Skull Island, a place described by Monarch member Bill Randa as an "emergence point" for Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms, or MUTOs. According to Hank Marlow, many years ago the indigenous Iwi tribe living on the island was terrorized by gigantic reptilian creatures called Skullcrawlers. Suddenly, Kong's species began fighting back against the Skullcrawlers and protecting the Iwi from them. Kong's species successfully drove the Skullcrawlers underground, but all of them except for Kong himself were killed. With his parents and the rest of his family dead, Kong assumed the duty of acting as the island's guardian and ensured that the Skullcrawlers remained underground.

The official prequel comic to Kong: Skull Island, Skull Island: The Birth of Kong, provides in-depth flashbacks showing Kong's ancestors and his birth. These glimpses into the past establish that Kong's species had been living on Skull Island for millions of years, and were mortal enemies of the Skullcrawlers. By the time the Iwi people first arrived on the island, all of Kong's species save for his mother and father had been killed. The two mates continued their war with the Skullcrawlers, protecting the Iwi from their wrath as they made Skull Island their home. When Kong's mother went into labor with her son, she and her mate were set upon by a large pack of fully grown Skullcrawlers. Kong's father fought with all of his might to hold off the creatures as his mate gave birth to their son. Kong's mother sealed her newborn son in a cave before the Skullcrawlers overcame his father and got to her as well. The infant Kong watched from inside the cave as his parents were slaughtered by the monsters and died side-by-side. Following the battle, Kong emerged from the cave and knelt before the bodies of his parents, who died with their hands held together. Kong wept for the parents he never knew and devoted his life to continuing their war. By the time he was an adolescent, Kong had successfully driven the Skullcrawlers underground and kept them from reaching maturity, save for one of the creatures who had killed his parents: the Skull Devil. In doing so, Kong actively took on the mission of protecting the island's peaceful and vulnerable inhabitants, including the Iwi, from the many large and violent predators that threatened them.

According to Ilene Andrews in Godzilla vs. Kong, Kong's ancestors were said to have been in a war with Godzilla's kind sometime in the ancient past. Kong's species created numerous axes using Godzilla's species' dorsal fins inside the massive throne room in the Hollow Earth as a sign of their triumph. In the film's novelization, Iwi mythology instead states that Kong's species only waged war on Godzilla himself, referred to as "Zo-zla-halawa," a monster that "[ate] a star" in the Hollow Earth that turned him wicked. Kong's species were proven to be no match against the beast, resulting in most of them being killed. Godzilla would eventually drive the survivors and the Iwi's ancestors toward the surface of Skull Island. It also briefly implies that the skeletons in the throne room may not belong to Godzilla's species, but rather close relatives.

Monarch's superspecies profile for Kong speculates that his species is "the primary template of all human life" due to its size compared with other primates.[10]



Kong: Skull Island

After crash-landing on Skull Island in 1944, American fighter pilot Hank Marlow and Japanese pilot Gunpei Ikari engaged in a fight to the death. As Ikari gained the upper hand and prepared to fatally stab Marlow with a dagger, Kong appeared over a cliff, leading the two shocked men to end their struggle.

In 1973, the scientific organization Monarch organized an expedition to Skull Island, escorted by the Sky Devils helicopter squadron led by Lt. Colonel Preston Packard. One of the helicopters carrying the expedition members cleared the storm cell surrounding the island and began flying over land, they immediately began dropping seismic charges onto the ground below, allegedly to map the island. The explosions drew out Kong, who responded by throwing a tree through one of the choppers. The remaining choppers formed a perimeter around Kong and opened fire on him. The bullets did little more than irritate Kong, who proceeded to rip the helicopters out of the sky and smash them. After downing all of the choppers, Kong wandered back off into the jungle. Kong eventually reached a river, where he noticed the wounds he had sustained from the choppers' rotor blades. Kong winced in pain briefly before beginning to drink from the lake. Suddenly, Kong realized that a Mire Squid was in the water and grabbed one of the creature's tentacles. The Mire Squid then attacked Kong with all of its tentacles, trying to strangle him to death. Kong was able to crush the creature's head under his foot and kill it, then proceeded to eat several of its tentacles. Kong then grabbed the squid's carcass and dragged it away, presumably back to his lair.

After meeting Marlow, some of the surviving expedition members were brought back to the village of the island's indigenous tribe, the Iwis. There, Marlow explained that Kong was perceived as a god by the islanders, and generally acted as a guardian on the island that kept the most dangerous creatures there under control. He stated that the reason Kong attacked the helicopters was that the seismic charges they dropped had drawn creatures he called Skullcrawlers to the surface. According to Marlow, Skullcrawlers were the most vicious and dangerous animals on the island and were responsible for killing Kong's family. At this time, Kong was being attacked by two Skullcrawlers but was able to easily dispatch the two smaller creatures. One of the expedition members, Mason Weaver, found a Sker Buffalo pinned underneath a downed helicopter and tried to free it, only for Kong to arrive and free the buffalo himself. Kong gave Weaver an indifferent glance and simply wandered off.

After surviving an encounter with a Skullcrawler and several Leafwings, Weaver and James Conrad stood atop a cliff and looked out over the island, only to witness Kong approach them. To their surprise, Kong did not seem violent or aggressive at all and even allowed Weaver to place her hand on his face. Suddenly, explosions appeared over the distance, and Kong immediately raced toward them. Weaver and Conrad knew that Packard and his men were setting a trap for Kong, intending to kill him. The two of them, joined by Marlow, rushed to the scene to try and save Kong. When Kong arrived at the scene of the explosions, he saw Packard and his men in the distance. As Kong crossed a lake to reach them, Packard ignited the napalm he had dumped into the water, causing the entire lake to erupt into flames. Kong swung his arm angrily at the water, causing the flaming napalm to hit some of the soldiers, before collapsing onto the ground. Packard placed leftover seismic charges around Kong, preparing to finish him, but Weaver, Conrad, and Marlow arrived and aimed their guns at him, demanding for him to stop. Packard refused and was prepared to detonate the charges and blow them all sky-high when suddenly a gigantic Skullcrawler, known as the Skull Devil, erupted from the lake. Everyone except Packard fled, while Kong regained consciousness and promptly smashed Packard under his fist. The Skull Devil attacked Kong, and the humans were forced to leave the giant ape to his fate.

The following morning, as the surviving expedition members neared the extraction point on the north side of the island, they were confronted by the giant Skullcrawler. Fortunately, Kong arrived and smashed the monster in the face with a boulder. Kong engaged in battle with the Skull Devil, buying time for the humans to get to safety. The weakened Kong simply was not a match for the Skull Devil and was knocked into an old shipwreck and entangled in its anchor chain. Weaver had managed to reach a vantage point and fired a flare into the Skull Devil's eye, enraging it. Kong finally broke free of the chain and managed to create a makeshift flail when it became entangled with the ship's propeller. Kong swung the flail at the Skull Devil, embedding the propeller into its back. Kong pulled the propeller out and slammed the Skull Devil into the same hill Weaver is standing on, causing her to fall into the water below. He then sliced the creature across its throat, seemingly killing it. Kong then pulled Weaver out of the water and took a second to stare at her in his hand, only for the Skull Devil to get back up and clamp its jaws onto his arm. Kong battled the Skull Devil again, trying to keep Weaver away from its mouth, but the beast used its prehensile tongue to pull Kong's hand, with Weaver held in it, down its throat. Mustering all his strength, Kong pulled his hand free of the Skull Devil's gullet, ripping out the beast's innards and killing it instantly. Kong gently set Weaver down on the ground, while Conrad immediately ran to her to ensure she was okay. As Weaver regained consciousness and embraced Conrad, Kong looked back at the two of them before walking away. Once the survivors were finally rescued from the island, Kong stood triumphantly in his domain, beating his chest and letting out a mighty roar.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

A cave painting of a member of Kong's species fighting Godzilla in Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Kong was on Skull Island, now the site of Monarch Outpost 33, when King Ghidorah emitted an alpha call which awakened the planet's dormant Titans and bent them to his will. While Kong did not comply with Ghidorah's call, he was shown to be leaving Skull Island on one of Monarch's computer monitors. After Godzilla defeated Ghidorah, humanity began uncovering many secrets from the ancient world regarding the Titans, including a cave painting of what appeared to be a member of Kong's species fighting Godzilla.

Godzilla vs. Kong

By 2024, a storm generated by King Ghidorah had combined with the storm cell perpetually surrounding Skull Island, causing the island to be consumed by a never-ending storm. Monarch constructed Outpost #236, a large dome-like structure with an artificial recreation of Skull Island's original environment, to contain Kong. One morning, Kong woke up as a flock of Leafwings flew overhead. He wandered into a nearby lake and stood under a waterfall, then uprooted a tree. Jia, a young orphaned Iwi girl with whom Kong shared a bond, approached him and showed him her doll of him. Kong leaned forward and inspected it, then reared back and threw the tree into the false sky over the containment unit. Dr. Ilene Andrews, an anthropological linguist who was assigned to watch over Kong, discussed the current situation with Ben, another Monarch member. It was clear that Kong was becoming too large for his surroundings, and that the containment unit wouldn't be able to hold him forever. Ben suggested they look into relocating the Titan, but Andrews believed this would be a death sentence. There could not be two alpha Titans, she said, and the moment Kong left the island, Godzilla would come for him.

Meanwhile, Godzilla unexpectedly attacked an Apex Cybernetics facility in Pensacola, Florida, causing mankind to turn against him. Apex CEO Walter Simmons and Chief Technology Officer Ren Serizawa approached ex-Monarch geologist Nathan Lind and proposed a joint Apex-Monarch expedition to the Hollow Earth in order to find an energy source which would allow Apex to create a weapon capable of standing up to Godzilla. Lind was convinced but further explained that due to all Titans sharing genetic memory which instinctively led them to their evolutionary source, a Titan could lead the way. Lind traveled to Outpost #236 and explained the plan to Andrews, who rejected it again on the basis that Godzilla would come for Kong as soon as he left the island. Lind stated that they needed to find this energy source in order to stop Godzilla and that in the process they could find Kong a new home. Andrews was finally convinced but accepted on the condition that she was in charge of Kong. Kong was sedated and placed on a ship, which was escorted by a naval fleet en route to Antarctica. One night, Kong became restless and began tugging at the chains restraining him. Jia came onto the deck and held out her finger to Kong, who responded by touching it with his finger. Andrews rushed onto the deck and asked Jia what she was doing, and Jia responded by signing to her that Kong was sad and angry. Andrews signed that Kong didn't understand that they were trying to help him, but Jia signed back that Kong didn't believe that. Andrews asked how she knew, and Jia signed that Kong told her. To Andrews' amazement, Kong proceeded to sign the word "home."

The next day, Andrews and Lind discussed what happened the night before. Andrews explained that she had spent years trying to establish communication with Kong, teaching him the alphabet and basic commands. Though Kong showed signs of recognition, he had never openly communicated with her. Lind asked if it was possible for Jia to give commands to Kong, but Andrews rejected the idea, saying Jia was just a child. When the storm wiped out most of the Iwi people, Jia's parents were killed, and she and Kong both took up the responsibility to protect her. Jia, meanwhile, felt something approaching the ship and ran to warn Andrews. Lind asked what was going on, and Andrews responded that Godzilla was coming. Battleships and fighter jets opened fire on Godzilla but did nothing to slow his approach. As Godzilla submerged near his ship, Kong roared into the sea below, only for Godzilla to burst up from underwater and capsize the ship. As the ship filled with water, Lind released Kong's chains, allowing him to fight back. He held back Godzilla as he snapped at him with his jaws, then freed himself as the ship righted itself. Kong stood on the ship and watched as Godzilla circled around the fleet. He then jumped on a destroyer then onto an aircraft carrier. As Godzilla approached, Kong grabbed a jet and threw it at him. Godzilla climbed aboard the carrier and was promptly greeted by a punch from Kong. Godzilla retaliated by slashing at Kong's face with his claws, knocking him down. Godzilla charged his atomic breath, but a fighter jet managed to interrupt him before he could fire it. Kong punched Godzilla, then got back to his feet and shoved him off the carrier. Godzilla fired his atomic breath at the carrier from underwater, with Kong leaping off just in time to avoid the blast. Godzilla grabbed Kong in the water and tried to pull him down, but Kong kicked himself free and tried to surface. Godzilla wrapped his tail around Kong and began pulling him down again. Andrews told the commander that they had to disorient Godzilla somehow before he drowned Kong, and suggested depth charges. The ships fired depth charges into the sea, which exploded. After a few moments, Kong pulled himself back onto the ship, coughing up water before falling onto his back. Lind told the commander to shut down all of the fleet's power in order to make Godzilla think he had won. The commander obliged, and Godzilla soon surfaced amidst the burning remnants of several ships. Kong scowled at Godzilla, who finally departed the area. Andrews told Lind that Godzilla would return the second they started moving again, so Lind suggested airlifting Kong instead.

Kong was transported in a net carried by numerous helicopters and Ospreys, then deposited in Antarctica. Kong inspected the snow surrounding him, then looked to see Jia and the others standing on a nearby ledge. Jia signed to Kong that his home was through the entrance to the Hollow Earth behind him, but Kong did not go through. Lind told Andrews to tell Kong there could be others like him down there, so Andrews asked Jia to sign this to Kong. Jia signed to Kong that his family could be down there, and Kong immediately charged through. Everyone else boarded Apex's HEAVs and followed Kong. Kong swung himself along the pipes on the ceiling of the tunnel before losing his grip and falling through a crater. Kong and the HEAVs passed through a vortex that eventually spits them out into the Hollow Earth. Kong ran across the terrain with the HEAVs in pursuit. Suddenly, one HEAV was destroyed by a Warbat. Before the creature could attack another HEAV, Kong grabbed it by its tail and slammed it on the ground, killing it. A second Warbat flew toward Kong, who swung the other's corpse into it. The Warbat recovered and roared at Kong, then proceeded to constrict its body around him. It pulled its wing over Kong's face in an attempt to suffocate him, but a HEAV interrupted it by firing missiles at it. Kong freed himself and began pummeling the Warbat into the dirt before tearing off its head and drinking the contents of its skull.

Kong continued moving across the Hollow Earth before reaching a cliff. Kong jumped off the cliff and floated through the air onto another surface. Kong eventually reached a gigantic temple, with the imprint of his species' hand on the door. Kong placed his hand over the imprint and pushed the door open, opening it into a huge chamber. Kong roared loudly, but his roar echoed through the temple unanswered. Kong began walking through the temple and picked up an axe he found lodged in the skull of a fallen Titan, beating his chest triumphantly as he wielded it. He then sat on a giant throne as the expedition members disembarked from the HEAVs. Apex's Maia Simmons asked where the energy source was, while the blade of Kong's axe began to glow blue. Kong found an indentation in the ground in the shape of the axe, and placed the axe into it. The ground around him began glowing blue; they had found the energy source. Apex deployed a drone to harvest the material and scan it, sending the data to Apex HQ in Hong Kong. The Monarch members objected to Apex mining the energy source, so Maia had her guards aim their weapons at them, causing Kong to roar angrily at the guards. Suddenly, the temple began to shake, causing the Hellhawks roosting on the ceiling to become active and attack. Maia and her guards boarded a HEAV and tried to escape, while a Hellhawk cornered the Monarch members. Just then, Godzilla's atomic breath burst into the temple, opening up a tunnel directly to Hong Kong. As her HEAV tried to escape, Maia ordered it to fire on Kong, who grabbed it in his hand and crushed it. Witnessing the temple collapsing, Kong, who was now furious at Godzilla, then grabbed his axe and leaped through the tunnel and climbed his way into Hong Kong.

The enraged Kong surfaced in Hong Kong to confront Godzilla. Both Titans exchanged roars before beginning to fight. Kong swung his axe at Godzilla, but it became lodged in a building. Kong then tried to fight Godzilla hand-to-hand. Godzilla tried to fire his atomic breath, but Kong stopped him. Godzilla freed himself from Kong's grip, only for Kong to bring down both of his fists onto Godzilla's head. Kong then jumped and kicked Godzilla to the ground, after which Godzilla tried to fire his atomic breath again. Thinking quickly, Kong grabbed his axe and shoved it into Godzilla's mouth, stopping him from firing it. Godzilla fired his atomic breath again, but Kong blocked it with the blade of his axe. Godzilla then tackled Kong, who stabbed his axe into Godzilla's leg. Godzilla retaliated by pushing Kong into the water, then tore the axe out of his leg with his mouth. Godzilla fired his atomic breath, forcing Kong to run through the city to avoid it. One blast did eventually hit Kong in the back, burning him and knocking him down. Kong got back up, only for Godzilla to fire his atomic breath again. Kong once more avoided the blast and climbed onto a skyscraper, which Godzilla knocked over with his atomic breath. The surviving HEAV, with Lind, Andrews, and Jia in tow, flew through the tunnel from the Hollow Earth and narrowly avoided crashing into Kong and then Godzilla's atomic breath. Kong tears off a radio dish from a surrounding building to utilize as a makeshift shield against the beam. Closing the distance, Kong grabbed his axe and jumped off the skyscraper, with Godzilla firing his atomic breath. Kong used the axe to block the blast and absorb its energy, then brought it down on Godzilla, creating a massive shockwave that blew both Titans back. The axe lost its charge as Lind remarked that it appeared Kong won the second round.

Both Titans got back to their feet, with Godzilla dropping onto all fours and hunting for Kong, angered following the impact of his axe. Kong climbed a building and threw a crane to distract Godzilla, then jumped off the building and pushed Godzilla headfirst through another building. The Titans exchanged blows again before Godzilla pulled Kong off his back and threw into a building, dislocating his shoulder. In a fit of primal rage, Godzilla dropped onto all fours again and aggressively pursued Kong, who kicked at his face as Godzilla snapped his jaws at his feet. Godzilla then jumped onto Kong, clawing into his chest repeatedly before stomping on it. Kong punched at Godzilla's leg, who roared in pain before bringing his foot down on Kong's chest again. Kong weakly tried to pull Godzilla's foot off of him but to no avail. Godzilla then roared in Kong's face, but Kong answered with a roar of his own. Godzilla finally took his foot off of Kong and began to walk away. Kong weakly got back to his feet and tried to pursue him, only to fall backward and pass out.

Meanwhile, Apex's ultimate weapon, Mechagodzilla, had gone out of control after being infused with the energy source from the Hollow Earth, prompting the consciousness of Ghidorah to possess the mecha. It killed its creators and freed itself from under Victoria Peak with its Proton Scream. Godzilla tried to battle Mechagodzilla alone but was severely outmatched by its physical strength, agility, and powerful weaponry. The HEAV landed near the fallen Kong as Godzilla and his mechanical duplicate fought. Jia placed her hand on the ground and reported that she could feel Kong's heart slowing down. Andrews said there was nothing they could do, as restarting his heart would require a huge electrical charge. Lind remembered that Maia told him earlier that the HEAVs possessed enough power to "light up Las Vegas for a week," and decided to use the HEAV to revive Kong. Lind flew the HEAV onto Kong's chest, then set it to self-destruct. He quickly escaped the craft and ran to safety just as the HEAV exploded. The electrical charge released by the explosion instantly revived Kong. Jia got Kong's attention and signed to him that Godzilla was not the enemy. Kong roared angrily, but Jia pointed to Mechagodzilla and signed that that was the enemy. Kong finally accepted this and got back to his feet. He then rammed his shoulder into a building, resetting his arm. As Mechagodzilla pried apart Godzilla's jaws and prepared to fire its Proton Scream down his throat, Kong leaped onto Mechagodzilla's back and forced it to fire the beam into the sky. Mechagodzilla threw Kong off of it, but Godzilla recovered and grabbed it by the arm. Kong grabbed the other arm, and both Titans proceeded to pull Mechagodzilla through a building. The mechanical Titan got back up and tried to punch the Titans, who interrupted its punches. Finally, Mechagodzilla overpowered Kong and Godzilla and knocked both aside. Kong saw his axe and ran to get it as the mecha focused its wrath on Godzilla. Kong reentered the battle and swung his axe into Mechagodzilla repeatedly. Mechagodzilla pinned Kong against a building and began spinning the blades on its tail and trying to shove them into Kong's face. Kong held back the spinning blades with all of his might, but couldn't hold on for long. When Josh Valentine, Madison Russell, and Bernie Hayes failed to stop Mechagodzilla from its control room, Bernie suggested they have one last drink before they died. This gave Josh an idea, as he grabbed Bernie's flask and poured its contents all over Mechagodzilla's control monitor. This caused Mechagodzilla to briefly stall, allowing Godzilla to fire his atomic breath at Kong's axe and charge it. Kong immediately hacked off Mechagodzilla's tail with the axe, then cut off both of its arms and one of its legs. Mechagodzilla fell to the ground but defiantly charged one last Proton Scream. Kong did not hesitate to bring the axe down on the mecha's neck, then proceeded to grab its head and tear it off. Kong held Mechagodzilla's head into the air and roared triumphantly before slumping down from exhaustion.

Godzilla roared and began approaching Kong, who weakly got back to his feet and picked up his axe again. The two Titans stared each other down before Kong finally dropped his axe. Godzilla roared in acknowledgment and turned to return to the sea. Kong and the gathered humans watched as Godzilla dove below the waves.

Sometime later, Andrews, Lind, and Jia watched from a monitoring station inside the Hollow Earth as Kong passed by on his morning walk. Kong signed "home" to Jia, who smiled back at him. Kong then swung from vines onto a cliff, then pounded his chest and roared triumphantly.

Skull Island

"Maritime Pilot"

In the early 1990s, Charlie and Mike washed ashore on Skull Island after the Kraken destroyed their ship, Once Upon a Maritime. They found themselves in one of Kong's massive footprints as they wondered where they were.

"The Last Blank Space on the Map"

Kong's distant roar persuaded a group of Trapdoor Crabs menacing Charlie, Mike, and Annie to retreat.

"What's Up, Croc?"

Kong grabbed a Croc Monster relentlessly pursuing Charlie and Mike out of a river and ate it in a single bite. As he walked away, Annie caught a glimpse of him and described him as a "big monkey."

"Breakfast Fit for a Kong"

While Annie and Mike were trying to help Charlie out of a pit, Kong took a tree and uprooted it before leaving.

"Doggone It"

The Hawk Monster abducted Charlie and Annie's monstrous pet Dog separately and deposited them in Kong's temple. As the pair descended a platform, Charlie noticed a mural of Kong battling monsters. Kong then swung past them in the flesh, nearly causing them to fall off the platform's side. Once they reached the ground, Charlie watched Kong sitting inside the temple with a melancholic expression, with Charlie wondering why he looked so sad. Kong fiddled with a blood-stained compass set on an alter. The Kraken soon threw a whale into Skull Island to goad Kong; it landed in front of his temple. Enraged, Kong pounded the ground.

"Terms of Endearment"

With no feasible way for his group to kill the Kraken themselves to escape Skull Island, Charlie suggested Kong as the solution.

"You're Not a King, You're Just a Stupid Animal"

In the past, a Skull Islander lured a Skullcrawler into a trap. Attacking from above, Kong impaled the beast through both jaws with a sharpened tree stump, killing it in a single blow, before beating his chest and roaring loudly. At the girl's insistence, he picked her up and she rode on his shoulder to the top of a tall mountain. They watched the stars as she speculated about the outside world, which she had only glimpsed from the men in their flying machines who once visited the island. She suggested they might be able to build mechanical versions of themselves who could replace them on occasion and give them time to rest and dream.

The Hawk Monster delivered a Grass Hedgehog to Kong at his temple. He picked it up and ate it before it could get its bearings, then gazed into the massive pit nearby.

As she fished, the girl was startled by a giant shape passing beneath her boat and lifting her up. It turned out to be Kong, who she scolded for the prank. The Hawk Monster interrupted, leading them to a dead Sker Buffalo inland. The bird then brought them to the culprits: three Killer Chameleons, now feasting on another creature's corpse. The girl wanted them to return to their village to form a plan with the others, but Kong, having the high ground, defiantly dropped a boulder on the monsters, pinning one's tail to the ground. After a fierce battle, the trio slayed the resilient reptiles, but Kong triggered a rock slide while finishing off the last one. He evaded several falling boulders to shield the girl just before they were buried. The Hawk Monster watched as he quickly broke free.

The girl was furious with Kong, who she said nearly killed all three of them by going on the offensive when he did. He roared at her, and she roared right back, calling him a "stupid animal," not a king. They left in separate directions. That evening, Kong washed his wounds in the ocean. Unbeknownst to him, a drop of his blood descended to the depths, awakening the Kraken. From her village, the girl spotted him sitting on top of the hill from before, morose, but declined to go to him. The next day, he tried to make amends by dropping an entire fruit tree into the village, crushing a cart, but she rejected it. Kong stomped away.

The Kraken launched an attack on the village, starting with the fishers. Kong rushed to their rescue when he heard the girl scream, but arrived too late. Many of the villagers were dead, and the girl trapped under debris. The Kraken waved its tentacles in the water, seeming to taunt him as he withdrew to his temple with the girl. Barely clinging to life, she called him her king and touched his face before passing away, leaving Kong devastated. He hung her compass-necklace in his temple, where Charlie would later see it, and buried her on the island’s highest mountain. As the Kraken continued to linger offshore, he bellowed a mighty roar.

In the present, Charlie explained his plan to his skeptical group: steal the necklace to lure an enraged Kong to the Kraken.

"You'll Never Catch a Monkey That Way"

Annie and Dog agreed to help Charlie with his plan. Kong appeared behind the trio as they entered the temple, watching them. They sidled over to the necklace and Annie grabbed it; as planned, Kong charged after them. Dog evaded several swings from the Titan, but was left clinging to a cliff face after Kong shook the bridge as he crossed it. He climbed out and kept going, barely avoiding Kong as he leapt across the gap. Noticing that Dog was injured and only used to riding with Annie, Charlie threw himself off the animal to allow them to escape. Kong passed over him.

Annie's mother Irene watched her and Dog draw Kong to the beach, evading Trapdoor Crabs along the way. Kong cut off Annie and Dog at the shoreline and prepared to smash them into the sand, but Annie held up the necklace and he stood down. She threw it to the ground; just before Kong could pick it up, the Kraken struck, restraining and electrocuting him with its tentacles. It finally surfaced, revealing itself to be much taller than him. Kong ripped off the tentacles, but it caught him in one of its claws and lifted him into the air, then threw him. Annie and Dog found themselves pulled out to sea amidst the battle.

Kong reached underwater and threw a Rock Bug at the Kraken, who intercepted it with a tentacle. He tried to tear off a chunk of rock from a nearby mountain, but the Kraken reached him first, dragging him underwater. Pinned to the ocean floor by the Kraken as it sank its beak into his neck, Kong appeared doomed until he spotted the wreck of the Once Upon a Martime resting nearby. He smashed the Kraken twice in the head with the improvised weapon, taking out two of its four eyes, then swam to the surface. Annie had made it to shore, but Dog was still floundering. She reached out to her pet, reminding Kong of when the dying Skull Islander girl reached out to him. A wave pulled Dog under, but Kong scooped him up and deposited him on the shore. After embracing Dog, Annie prepared to apologize to Kong, but was cut off by the Kraken’s return. It again tossed him into deeper water, but he caught one of its tentacles and threw it onto a small island. Kong unleashed a barrage of punches which left the water stained with the Kraken’s blood. Annie watched in awe as he pounded his chest in victory. The necklace washed ashore near her, and she held it out to Kong. Just then the Kraken lashed him with a tentacle, still alive—so he made sure it stayed dead by picking it up and ripping it in half. He carelessly threw it at the shore, causing a tidal wave that threatened to drown Dog and Annie. While Annie was knocked unconscious and woke up in a hospital two weeks later, Dog's fate was unknown.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters


Footage taken of Kong during the expedition to Skull Island in 1973 is shown before Bill Randa's recorded message to Hiroshi Randa.

"Beyond Logic"

Shortly after an Apex Cybernetics facility on Skull Island received a pod containing Lee Shaw, Keiko Randa, Cate Randa, and May Olowe-Hewitt from Axis Mundi in 2017, Kong approached the facility, beat his chest, and roared.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Godzilla and Kong running together in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

When an unprecedented massive enemy is discovered that threatens the entire planet, Kong joins forces with Godzilla once again in order to defeat it.



Kong disemboweling the Skull Devil

Kong possesses immense physical strength, allowing him to go toe-to-toe with all of the most dangerous creatures on Skull Island even as an adolescent. In Kong: Skull Island, he possessed a crushing force of up to 150 tons.[11] In the film, Kong was able to lift and carry extremely heavy objects, such as UH-1 Iroquois helicopters and large boulders, with relative ease. He even threw a large tree through the air with such accuracy as to skewer a chopper. Kong was strong enough to knock a UH-1 Iroquois out of the air simply by smashing it with his fists. Kong also demonstrated his strength when he breaks free of an anchor chain that was restraining him. Kong was able to physically overpower most of his enemies, such as the Mire Squid and smaller Skullcrawlers. While the Skull Devil was a formidable challenge for him, he was able to rely on his impressive strength to rip out the beast's innards and kill it.

Kong has developed an epic brawler fight-style, using quick feet, aerial traversal and sheer feral strength to confuse and disorient his opponents.

— Excerpt from a still card included in Toho's Godzilla vs. Kong SPECIAL SET blu-ray release.[25]

In Skull Island, Kong effortlessly forced a handmade spear through a mature Skullcrawler’s head and easily threw around Killer Chameleons during his fight against a trio of them. At one point, he slammed one into a canyon wall with enough force to cause the wall to crumble and collapse. Years later, Kong tore off four of the Kraken's tentacles when it was constricting him, pummeled it relentlessly with his fists after forcing it on land, finished it off by ripping it in half, and threw both halves a considerable distance away.

In Skull Island: The Birth of Kong, Kong killed a Sirenjaw off-panel and killed a group of Mother Longlegs attacking an Iwi village with little difficulty, starting with the queen.

In Kingdom Kong, Kong threw Camazotz twice and held him in a chokehold that was only broken by the Titan's sonic screech. After Captain Audrey Burns stunned Camazotz with a sonic boom, Kong hammered his foe with his fists, a final punch sending Camazotz falling back into the Hollow Earth.

In Godzilla vs. Kong, while Kong is no match for Godzilla in terms of strength even when the latter has expended most of his energy, he proves himself a worthy opponent. He is able to unleash 4.2-magnitude punches,[15] in an attack called the Quake Slam (クェークスラム Ku~ēkusuramu)[13][17], and can swing his arms at speeds up to 62 miles per hour, or roughly 100 kilometers per hour.[16] With help from a group of humans and their HEAVs, he was able to overpower two Warbats without much trouble. Kong was able to hold his own against Godzilla in their battles in the ocean and in Hong Kong, effortlessly moving the larger Titan around with mere punches and shoves, and even hurling the 99,634-ton monster a considerable distance. He also floored Godzilla with a dropkick. During the final fight with Mechagodzilla, he was able to rip the mech's head off, spinal cord included, after dismantling it with his axe. Outside of combat, Kong launched large trees at the roof of his enclosure on Skull Island at least twice. Kong is also able to perform an attack called the Fin Breaker (フィンブレイカー,   Fin Bureikā).[13][17]

By Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, Kong’s strength and combat prowess have tremendously reached new heights. Kong established himself as the apex predator of Hollow Earth in the time spent since his fight in Hong Kong seemingly without any competition. Whereas a single Warbat posed a threat to him three years prior, a Drownviper, an aquatic serpentine titan, was little trouble for him to kill. Aside from his increased dominance amongst the other inhabitants of Hollow Earth, Kong proved to be a powerful match against multiple Great Ape individuals and even stood his ground against Skar King in a personal duel with the experienced warmonger. Kong even proved capable of engaging a recently evolved Godzilla in a quick fight, during which, Kong displayed his strength greatly as he threw powerful blows at his opponent’s face.


Kong demonstrates his agility by leaping over a UH-1 Iroquois, causing it to crash into another chopper

Kong is incredibly agile, especially for a creature of his size. Kong is capable of leaping to great heights, shown when he knocks a UH-1 Iroquois out of the sky, and across great distances, shown when he takes the Skull Devil by surprise by leaping from a cliff and striking it with a boulder. Kong makes use of his agility while in battle, allowing him to anticipate enemy attacks and counter them. This is demonstrated when Kong is ambushed by two Skullcrawlers and manages to grab and restrain them as they attempt to pounce on him. Kong's agility allows him to scale the cliffs of Skull Island so he can travel across the terrain with ease or reach his mountain lair.

Throughout Godzilla vs. Kong, Kong can leap to great heights and over great distances. In his first fight with Godzilla, he was able to jump from the cargo hauler onto a nearby destroyer and then an aircraft carrier in only two bounds. After the fleet was decimated by Godzilla and Kong was transported to Antarctica, he swung on the pipes inside of the entrance to the Hollow Earth with considerable speed. In their second fight in Hong Kong, Kong showcased his agility by climbing and swinging around buildings despite his large size. With his agility, he was able to avoid Godzilla's atomic breath for a time, only being hit once in both of their fights.

During their first fight in Hong Kong, Kong was able to perceive Godzilla’s atomic breath exiting his mouth and reacted fast enough to pick up his axe and block the attack, a very notable achievement of speed and reflexes given that Godzilla’s atomic breath is composed of Cherenkov Radiation.

Once he enters the Hollow Earth, Kong travels much of the considerable distance to the temple that houses his axe by both leaping off of mountains and running on all fours, something he also showed once he woke up in Antarctica. In a bipedal stance, the fully grown Kong can reach speeds of up to 78 miles per hour (or approximately 126 kilometers per hour), increasing to 104 mph (or ~167 kph) when taking on a quadrupedal stance.[16]

In Skull Island, Kong performs incredible feats of speed and agility when traversing Skull Island, covering distances within moments via leaping or running on all fours. He was able to keep up with Dog, eventually cornering him and Annie at the edge of the ocean.


As an ape, Kong is relatively intelligent compared to the other creatures on Skull Island. Kong makes use of environmental objects as weapons, such as boulders and trees. Kong also fashions a makeshift flail from an anchor chain and a ship's propeller, which he uses to gain the upper hand in his battle against the Skull Devil. Kong's intelligence allows him to distinguish between friends and enemies, as he clearly recognizes Preston Packard and his men as enemies but does not attempt to harm any other humans he comes across, even going out of his way to rescue Mason Weaver from drowning. Kong's intelligence allows him to anticipate enemy attacks, such as when he realizes the Mire Squid is lurking near him while he is drinking from a lake.

In Skull Island, he has a long-running standoff with the Kraken due to his unwillingness to engage it in the water, where it would have the upper hand, even when it taunts him by throwing a whale into his temple. Annie, Charlie, and Dog force the two Titans together by stealing a necklace precious to Kong and leading him to the shore. At the conclusion of the battle, he throws the Kraken onto land, where he is able to take advantage of the terrain and kill it.

In Godzilla vs. Kong, he demonstrates the ability to communicate using a form of sign language. Kong proves himself a tactical fighter in all of his fights against Godzilla. In his first fight he recognizes Godzilla's superiority in the water and moves to an aircraft carrier to get Godzilla to fight on equal footing. In their second fight he recognizes Godzilla's advantage at range with his atomic breath and keeps preventing him from using it effectively by closing the distance and re-directing his head away from him. When the distance has been widened, giving Godzilla a chance to use the atomic breath, Kong is able to use the surrounding buildings to his advantage, even using a radio dish as a makeshift shield against the beam when he attempts to close the distance and use his axe. He is able to trick Godzilla into turning around when he throws a crane to distract him before pouncing on him from behind. After being overwhelmed by Mechagodzilla, despite fighting alongside Godzilla, Kong recognizes the need of using the axe against the mechanical Titan. When approached by Godzilla after the destruction of Mechagodzilla, Kong came to an understanding with his former enemy, dropping his axe after recognizing the other Titan's lack of aggressive intentions.

Kong’s intelligence is further foreshown throughout the events of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, effectively countering more powerful Titans with his wits and skill set. He had set up traps to utilize for hunting other Hollow Earth inhabitants, which he would later use on the Great Apes sent to kill him, though the latter case only succeeded under Suko’s intervention. In his first fight with the Skar King, Kong picked up on his opponent’s reliance on his respective weapon as well as his size disadvantage, flipping over his enemy before he could succumb to asphyxiation. In his fight with Godzilla, he attempts to reason with Godzilla to no avail before he was forced to fight where Kong utilized the surrounding sand to trick Godzilla, and would later pummel the Monster King's head with his fists before attempting to drag him into the Hollow Earth vortex. Throughout the extensive final battle, Kong effectively coordinated with Godzilla as the two of them fought Skar King and Shimo interchangeably. Kong would ultimately be the one to kill Skar King, smashing his entire being to pieces after Godzilla and Shimo landed their respective attacks onto the tyrant.


Kong boasts impressive durability, which allows him to withstand a great deal of punishment without suffering severe injuries. Kong easily shrugs off machine gun rounds fired by the UH-1 Iroquois and survives being set ablaze in a lake filled with napalm. Even after Kong is badly burned by napalm and attacked by the Skull Devil, he resumes his battle with the creature only hours later with no visible lasting injuries.

In Godzilla vs. Kong, Kong's durability is put on full display. He survives a gravitational inversion to enter the Hollow Earth, which Dr. Nathan Lind describes as "a whole planet’s worth of gravity reversed in a split second." In his second fight with Godzilla, he has his left arm dislocated and his chest scratched repeatedly and crushed by Godzilla's full weight, yet he is still able to roar back into Godzilla's face in defiance. After being revived by a HEAV, he is able to immediately get back into the fight with Godzilla against Mechagodzilla, but not before relocating his shoulder.

In Skull Island, Kong's fight against The Kraken pushed his durability to it's limits. He withstood the Cephalopod Titan's smaller red tentacles which both electrocuted him and cut into his flesh. However, they were not strong enough to poison him. One of these tentacles even slashed Kong's eye. But it only seemed to enrage him. The Kraken even tossed kong several feet away from it, however kong was able to recover quickly. Kong even survived the Kraken's attempt to drown him while it kepted biting into his neck with its beak.

Battle axe

Kong's axe absorbs Godzilla's atomic breath

In Godzilla vs. Kong, Kong discovers a 207.4-foot battle axe,[26] also called a scepter,[4][27] its blade made from what appears to be a Godzilla dorsal plate, that can absorb energy from the Hollow Earth, as well as Godzilla's atomic breath. Once the axe is fully charged with energy, it can seemingly cut through almost any material. In their final battle, the fully-charged axe is powerful enough to knock both him and Godzilla back, swung in a maneuver called the Aerial Axe Slash (空中戦斧 Kūchū senpu, lit. Aerial battle axe).[13][17] Even before it is charged, it is shown to be able to slash into Godzilla's thick hide, causing him to audibly roar out in pain. Godzilla voluntarily charges the axe again when he and Kong battle Mechagodzilla, allowing the ape Titan to quickly dismantle the machine. Kong can swing the axe at a top speed of 62 miles per hour.[26] In PUBG Mobile and in the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Godzilla DLC, it is also able to absorb Mechagodzilla's Proton Scream.[28]

Kong uses Earth Break against a Kamacuras Swarm in Godzilla Battle Line.

In the mobile game Godzilla Battle Line, Kong's special attack as a leader is Earth Break, in which he slams his axe into the ground to damage nearby enemies.

In Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire,The axe was briefly able to hold back Shimo's Frost Bite Blast for a little while. But was ultimately knocked out of Kong’s hands, giving the ape severe frostbite. Suko, later used the axe during the final fight, to destroy the crystal that The Skar King used to control Shimo. Which caused a massive shockwave which sent every titan in the area flying.

B.E.A.S.T. Glove

Kong knocking down Godzilla with the B.E.A.S.T. Glove

In Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, Trapper outfits Kong with a new robotic prosthesis after the ape Titan's arm is badly frostbitten and disabled by Shimo's chilling beam attack. The intent of better arming Kong should he face a new threat in the future on humanity's behalf, the B.E.A.S.T Glove is yellow gauntlet that fit over Kong's right hand and lower arm. Outfitted with medical infection serums to help heal his arm, the B.E.A.S.T. Glove proved a valuable asset in Kong's coming battles; temporarily replacing his axe as the ape's primary weapon after its theft by the Skar King. The B.E.A.S.T. Glove augmented Kong's already legendary strength, giving his blows a shocking conductive property as well as increasing kinetic force. A well aimed and charged haymaker punch to the head managed to floor an evolved Godzilla, knocking him out briefly in follow-up blows. The reinforced metal composing the gauntlet also proved extremely durable, able to resist bites from both Godzilla and Shimo as well as resist the latter's freezing beam for an extended period of time with no ill effect save for some harmless ice build up across the surface.


Kong using Suko as a weapon

Whilst fighting the Great Apes, Kong uses Suko as a blunt weapon to defend himself.

Green Lantern Ring

Kong using Green Lantern Ring to recreate a copy of his axe

In Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong, After the death of the Green Lantern Guy Gardner, his ring chose Kong as its new wielder. It allowed him to recreate a Green Lantern construct of his axe which he used to kill an adult Skullcrawler and cut off the Skullspawn's tail. After Godzilla and Superman showed up and tag teamed the beast, Kong finally killed it with a single blow to the head. After the Skullspawn was defeated, the Ring departed from Kong to find a new bearer.


In his youth, Kong was irritated by conventional gunfire from helicopters and received scarring courtesy of an attempt to handle one by the propeller. Kong sustained very critical injuries when he was doused in flames courtesy of Packard and his men filling a lake with napalm and lighting it. Though he stood his ground against Ramarak, the very Skullcrawler that finished off his parents, Kong needed assistance from the surviving human personnel in order to defeat the two-legged amphibian.

As an adult, it is made clear in Godzilla vs. Kong that Kong is no match for Godzilla, only surviving his fights with the Monster King because of human interference. In their battle in the Tasman Sea, Kong was at a critical battlefield disadvantage and was nearly killed by Godzilla on three occasions. In their fight in Hong Kong, his blows only did much against Godzilla and his attempt to cut open Godzilla’s skull with his axe failed. Once Godzilla became enraged, Kong was put on the brink of death quickly and would’ve died had it not been for Dr. Nathan Lind’s successful attempt at restarting his heart via overloading a HEAV. Kong was easily harmed by Mechagodzilla's attacks and would’ve died to the machine’s scythe tail had it not been for Josh Valentine’s actions buying enough time for Godzilla to charge up his battle axe. It has been stated that had Kong and Mechagodzilla fought one on one with each other, Kong would have lost.[29] After defeating Mechagodzilla, Kong was exhausted to the point where he lacked the strength to see through a potential battle with Godzilla.

In Kingdom Kong, Kong is shown to have difficulties fighting flying opponents, notably Camazotz, and some help from humans was needed for Kong to defeat him.

In Skull Island, he struggled against the Kraken until he was able to engage it on land.

In Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong, a strong punch from Supergirl was able to knock out Kong, where Gorilla Grodd would mind control him. It wasn’t until Grodd was defeated where he was finally freed. He struggled against the Skullspawm requiring help Kong-form Beast Boy's assistance and later on his own he needed the Axe Construct made from the Green Lantern Ring to harm the Skullspawn.

In Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, the Skar King's Whipslash was able to leave cuts on Kong. Kong's hand was frozen by Shimo’s ice beam and suffered frostbite even when blocking with his axe. Ilene Andrews stated that Kong wouldn’t survive a day in Hollow Earth had the B.E.A.S.T Glove not restored Kong's ability to use both of his arms. In his battle with an evolved Godzilla he struggled even with the B.E.A.S.T Glove though it was due to him having no intentions of fighting and when he started to fight back he was eventually pinned down and was nearly blasted by Godzilla's upgraded Atomic Breath had Mothra not intervened and broken up the fight.

Video games

Godzilla Battle Line

Kong was available as a leader unit in the mobile game Godzilla Battle Line as part of a limited time promotion for Godzilla vs. Kong, marking the character's first appearance within a Godzilla video game. Although Kong Battle Pieces can no longer be obtained, players who unlocked him while he was available can continue to raise his level with G-materials.

Tabletop games


Godzilla: King of the Monsters - The Official Movie Novelization

While on Skull Island, Kong overheard King Ghidorah's call which awakened other Titans around the world. Interpreting this as a call to "hunt together," Kong chose to ignore the call, content with keeping order on his island and not interfering with the outside world. He recalled how another Titan of his status once drew close to the island, but the two never came to blows as they had no interest in conflict and the other Titan left. However, the Skullcrawlers still dwelling underneath the island did respond to Ghidorah's call, and Kong prepared to do battle with the evil creatures who killed his parents and still haunted his dreams.

Kong and Me

The Iwi girl Jia tells of her unusual friendship with Kong, the Titan ruler of Skull Island. On the beach, Kong built Jia a huge sand castle and created a pool by cupping his hands together. Further inland, they explored the woods, watched clouds, and tried to play hide-and-seek, though Kong's footprints made him easy to find. Kong uprooted a tree trying to mimic Jia's flower-picking, and she convinced him to replant it. As the day ended, they tried seeing the world from each other's perspective: Kong lying in a field watching butterflies, Jia sitting on his head watching the sunset.

Godzilla vs. Kong: Sometimes Friends Fight (But They Always Make Up)

Traveling the world, Godzilla and Kong demonstrated tenets of friendship. They played with the Eiffel Tower and various military vehicles, met up with Mechagodzilla near a playground, and used a forest for hide-and-seek and the Gateway Arch as a swing set. Kong helped Godzilla climb the Empire State Building and defused a fight with a peace sign. Godzilla pulled a tree out of Kong's foot and lit his way with his dorsal fins at night. Holding hands, they walked into the sunset.


Skull Island: The Birth of Kong

"The People Who Came from the Sky"

In 1995, Aaron Brooks, the son of Houston Brooks and Lin San, learned that Monarch had chosen to leave the huge MUTO ecosystem on Skull Island under the sole protection of Kong. Aaron was outraged at the concept of trusting a Titan to keep the island's volatile ecosystem under control and organized a covert mission to the island with other members of Monarch, under the guise of traveling to study a MUTO fossil bed in Antarctica. When the Osprey carrying the team was struck down by a flock of Psychovultures almost immediately upon entering the island's airspace, Aaron and the others found themselves stranded on the island. They were set upon by a pack of Death Jackals and retreated into a cave, only for Kong to emerge and crush the smaller beasts under his massive fist. The party was then greeted by Ato of the native Iwi tribe, who welcomed them and stated that their arrival was foreseen.

"The Mountain who Thunders Death"

In the Iwi village, Ato explained the significance of Kong for his people to Aaron and his comrades. He maintained that Kong was a benevolent god whose goal was to defend the Iwi and the other vulnerable creatures on the island from more violent predators. Many of the party were skeptical, but mythographer Walter R. Riccio claimed to witness visions of the island's past after consuming large amounts of an Iwi shamic beverage. He saw members of Kong's species at war with Skullcrawlers on the island millions of years ago, as well as the arrival of the Iwi on the island where they encountered the last two surviving members of the species. Ato showed the Monarch team members some of the Iwi holy sites related to Kong, promising to ultimately grant them communion with Kong himself. However, they were attacked by a Sirenjaw, though the beast's attention was subsequently captured by a distant roar from Kong.

"Valley of the Fallen Gods"

After salvaging weapons left behind by the Monarch 1973 expedition to the island, Aaron's party followed the Sirenjaw to Kong's location, only to discover the Sirenjaw's carcass. As the smaller predators of the island descended to feed on the body, Ato expressed the urgency of getting away now. Aaron and his team wanted to reach the downed Osprey located on the other side of the huge boneyard containing the skeletons of Kong's parents. Ato referred to this location as the "Valley of the Fallen Gods," and warned that immature Skullcrawlers still dwelt under the thermal vents in this area. The group traveled through a cave system to evade the Skullcrawlers, where Riccio experienced a powerful vision of Kong's birth. He saw Kong's parents locked in battle with Skullcrawlers as his mother went into labor. Kong's father tried to fend off the Skullcrawlers long enough for his mate to give birth to their son. Knowing she and her mate were doomed, Kong's mother placed Kong within a cave, where the infant was subjected to the brutal slaughter of his parents by the Skullcrawlers. When the young Kong finally emerged from the cave, he found the lifeless bodies of his parents lying together, their hands held together in death. Kong knelt before and wept for the parents he had never known, vowing to avenge their memory for the rest of his life. When Riccio's vision ceased, he understood that this same cave in which they were hiding was Kong's "womb," the cave his mother had sealed him in. With the Skullcrawlers apparently gone, Aaron, Ato, and all the others exited the cave and encountered their pilot Cejudo with the Osprey, which was still airworthy. However, Riccio's overconsumption of the Iwi's "Monkey juice" and repeated hallucinations had driven him insane, and he proceeded to destroy the Osprey with a rocket launcher, also killing Cejudo in the process. He then held the others at gunpoint, promising to test their worthiness of Kong's protection. When Evelyn Matemavi tried to stop Riccio, he responded by shooting her dead in cold blood.

"Over the Rainbow"

Riccio's insane tirade toward his hostages was interrupted by the arrival of a pack of Death Jackals, buying time for Aaron and the others to escape. By the time they reached the Iwi village, they discovered that Riccio had arrived first and blown open the protective wall with explosives he had salvaged. This caused a trio of Mother Longlegs to storm into the village and terrorize the innocent populace. Riccio, clad in a makeshift ceremonial robe called forth to Kong, asking him to come and save his people if they were actually worthy of his protection. Kong soon arrived and easily killed the Mother Longlegs, prompting Riccio to approach Kong and rejoice at his mercifulness. Realizing Riccio was responsible for the attack, Kong crushed him under his fist. Kong approached Aaron, the last survivor of the Monarch expedition, and the two shared a brief moment of communion between man and god. At this moment, Aaron truly understood that Kong's intentions were noble and that he had taken it upon himself to defend this island and those who inhabit it. Content knowing Kong was capable of keeping the island under control as his father had believed, Aaron chose to remain on the island and live among the Iwi, helping them rebuild the damage to their village. Aaron recorded a record of the events that had transpired and set it adrift on the off chance his father would find it one day. It was recovered by Monarch in 2012 and given to Houston, who was on the eve of retirement.

Kingdom Kong

After discovering a sealed Vile Vortex leading to the Hollow Earth on Skull Island in 2012, Monarch established a base on the island. By 2021, the organization was on the verge of unearthing the Vortex and brought a team of pilots on-site to train for the expedition. At the same time, a perpetual superstorm that appeared in the Pacific Ocean after King Ghidorah left Mexico in 2019 began to move towards the island. Kong, now fully grown, continued to defend the helpless against Skull Island's deadliest creatures. As an earthquake struck the island, a Holy Tiger attacked two Monarch guards, killing one. Kong seized it before it could kill the other man, snapping its neck after it bit his hand. Watching from a helicopter, Dr. Houston Brooks mused that Kong was the only being on the island who could survive the merging of the oncoming storm with the storm already surrounding Skull Island. Soon after, Brooks watched Kong eat a Mire Squid and rescue a Sker Buffalo pinned under a fallen tree. A swarm of Psychovultures suddenly attacked him, one trying to gouge out his eye. Kong fended them off with the tree, only to find that the Sker Buffalo had been killed during the battle.

Brooks realized that both the earthquakes and merging storms were the result of one of the Titans Ghidorah summoned, Camazotz, trying to enter Skull Island through the Vile Vortex. His realization came too late to stop Monarch's excavation of the Vortex, and a supersonic scream burst from the cavern. As Kong entered a cave beneath an ancient tree and was about to pull back some roots to reveal a painting, the scream reached him, leaving him in agony. He reached the excavation site as Camazotz and his hell swarm burst out of the earth. The bat Titan's sonic attacks and aerial prowess quickly gave him the advantage, and with the storms now merged, the nocturnal creature could operate without fear of the sun. Kong briefly turned the tide by grabbing Camazotz's horns and slamming him into the ground, but he grabbed Kong's arm with his prehensile tail and dragged him across the ground. Monarch's pilots, led by Captain Audrey Burns, distracted Camazotz with a barrage of missiles. Kong put the Titan into a chokehold; Camazotz retaliated with another sonic scream, causing his ears to bleed. As the hell swarm descended on Kong, Camazotz prepared to dive-bomb him. Burns steered her F-35 in front of Camazotz, generating a sonic boom that sent him crashing to the ground. Kong saw his chance, battering Camazotz with his fists and hurling him back into the Vile Vortex. Her plane was damaged, Burns ejected, and Kong caught her. He snorted as she promised to have his back.

With no end to the storm in sight, Monarch began evacuating the Iwi from Skull Island. Brooks decided to retire from Monarch for good, leaving Dr. Ilene Andrews to monitor Kong in his place. She shared a theory with him that Camazotz challenged Kong to cement himself as an alpha Titan. If Kong ever left Skull Island, he would have to face the only other alpha on Earth: Godzilla. Kong returned to the cave in the jungle and finally pulled aside the vines obscuring the rest of the painting. He scowled as he saw that the entire painting depicted his ancestor locked in battle with Godzilla.

Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong

During a battle between the Justice League and the Legion of Doom in the Fortress of Solitude, the Toyman accidentally activated the Mother Box, transporting him and the rest of the villains to Skull Island in the Monsterverse. The Legion was quickly confronted by a large Skullcrawler, who was in turn attacked by Kong. They fled to a nearby facility as Captain Cold built an ice wall between them and the battling monsters. Gorilla Grodd remained behind, astonished by the presence of an "ape god." He tried to telepathically communicate with Kong as the Titan killed the Skullcrawler by slamming its head into the ice wall. The Toyman was dismissed by the rest of the Legion when he announced a plan to unleash the Titans of this Earth against the Justice League, so he angrily used the Dreamstone he had stolen from the Fortress to transport his team, Skull Island, and several Titans back to the DC Universe.

On their way to confront Behemoth in Themyscira, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern spotted Skull Island, much to their confusion. Green Arrow offered to investigate the island, soon finding himself on the run from a pair of giant rhinos stampeding away from Kong and a Warbat. He escaped by grappling to a tree, but when Kong killed the Warbat by slamming it to the ground, the impact shook him out of the tree. As Kong loomed over Green Arrow, Supergirl responded to his distress call, telling the giant ape to stand away from him and that she meant no harm. Kong tried to grab her, only for Supergirl to punch him in the face. Before Kong could retaliate, he heard a noise that began irritating him.

Staring each other down, Kong was able to sense Supergirl's concerns for what had happened to Superman and started to calm down. When Supergirl left Skull Island to check on what had happened to Superman, Kong's aggression flared up again as he noticed the approach of the League of Assassins, who had been waiting to make their move. As Green Arrow and Kong battled the ninjas, with Kong sending many of them dropping off a cliff into the sea below, Green Arrow ended up jumping aboard their ship below, which was carrying the Skull Devil's cranium.

After Mercy Graves leaked the Monarch files Lex Luthor obtained in the other universe to the Justice League, Supergirl returned to Skull Island to try obtaining Kong's help. However, Gorilla Grodd and his army had come to pay homage to the ape god and recruit him to their cause. When Supergirl dismissed their superstitions, Grodd used his mind control abilities to force Supergirl to knock Kong over with a punch.

Grodd would then put Kong until his mind control where he would assist Mechagodzilla (Under Lex Luther's control) where he would help double team Batman's Bat-Mech. However Beast Boy would transfork into Grern Replica of him to assist where Supergirl knocks him out. However it buy the time needed for the Justice League to defeat Grodd and free him and Supergirl from Grodd's control where then a revived Skull Devil would show up in battle.


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In other languages

Language Name Meaning
China and Taiwan Flags.png Mandarin Chinese 金刚
King Kong


Kong's roars in Kong: Skull Island were created by sound designer Al Nelson and adapted from the sounds of lions, leopards, gorillas, and monkeys.[citation needed] The use of lion roars was inspired by how sound editor Murray Spivak created Kong's roars in the original film. In Godzilla vs. Kong, Kong's roars were created by Erik Aadahl and were adapted from lions, leopards, bears, tigers, gorillas, boars and elephants.[citation needed] Kong often uses a grunt that was used by Hatchet in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, that later can be heard in the 2021 films Space Jam: A New Legacy and Jungle Cruise; in the latter, they were emitted by the jaguar Proxima. Kong's roars were also used for Optimus Primal in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. There are some instances in Godzilla vs. Kong where Kong emits sounds that are shrill and high pitched like the ones heard in the 1976 film, but filtered to sound somewhat modernized. When Kong lifted his axe to strike Godzilla on the head, he made a sound that was recycled from a video of an elephant roaring in pain while undergoing medical treatment,[31] and during his fights against Godzilla, a Warbat, and Mechagodzilla, he occasionally emits a shrill scream, which was from a video of a gorilla charging at a glass window in a zoo.

King Kong's roars and sound effects throughout the Monsterverse
Shrill scream of a gorilla charging at a glass window in a zoo in Godzilla vs. Kong
King Kong's grunts in
Space Jam: A New Legacy
King Kong's grunt in Jungle Cruise
King Kong's roars and sound effects in
PUBG Mobile
King Kong's roar in
Transformers: Rise of the Beasts
King Kong's roar and sound effects in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
King Kong's roars and sound effects in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire
Kong using Hatchet's grunt at 0:10 in
Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire


  • The Monsterverse King Kong is the tallest version of the character to date, surpassing his 1962 incarnation by roughly 190 feet, or 58 meters.
  • This incarnation of Kong is the second to appear alongside Godzilla, and the first to become his ally; Kong previously faced off against the King of the Monsters in King Kong vs. Godzilla.
  • Kong's battle with Mechagodzilla marks the first instance of the character appearing alongside a monster which originated in a Godzilla film other than Godzilla himself.
  • Kong and Mothra were originally intended to meet in the Toho film Operation Robinson Crusoe: King Kong vs. Ebirah; Kong was ultimately replaced with Godzilla as the project evolved into Ebirah, Horror of the Deep (1966).
  • King Kong has possessed a beard previously in the manga adaptation for The King Kong Show.[32]
  • Concept art shows Kong holding a giant bone as a weapon instead of an axe.[33] An illustration used in tie-in media shows Kong with his battle axe and a torch made with a bone; it is unclear if the latter was ever considered for Godzilla vs. Kong.[34]
  • Kong originally had a scar on the left side of his face throughout Godzilla vs. Kong, as seen in early concepts[35] and on the model used for pre-visualization scenes.[36] It still appears in a Chinese poster, tie-in Instagram stickers, an illustration used in tie-in media, in the bust made by Prime 1 Studio,[37] and on cover artwork of Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #2.[38]


Wikizilla: YouTube Kaiju Profile: Kong (2017-2021)
Titan Sightings: Ep. 10 Kong


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