Which is Stronger!? Godzilla x Kong (2024)

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Which is Stronger!? Godzilla x Kong
Which is Stronger!? Godzilla x Kong
Author(s) Akito, Hot-Blooded Souls
Written by Sunkleio Tsubasa Inc. (article)
Publisher Kadokawa
Publish date March 29, 2024
Pages 4 (manga), 6 (booklet)

Which is Stronger!? Godzilla x Kong (どっちが強い⁉ゴジラxコング,   Dotchi ga Tsuyoi!? Gojira Kongu) is a four-page Japan-exclusive manga created by Akito and the Hot-Blooded Souls as a tie-in for the Japanese release of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. It is a crossover with Kadokawa's 2016 manga series Which is Stronger!?, which is itself a Japanese translation of Malaysian company Kadokawa Gempak Starz's 2013 comic series X-VENTURE: Primal Power (known in the United States as X-Venture Xplorers: Kingdom of Animals).[1]

The manga, along with a two-page article about the film prepared by Sunkleio Tsubasa Inc., was included in a booklet which Kadokawa distributed to theaters and select bookstores beginning March 29, 2024.[2] Though the amount of physical copies was limited, a PDF version is also available for free through Godzilla-Movie.jp. Furthermore, a motion comic version with voice acting and minor animation was uploaded to the KADOKAWA Strongest Science Channel and Toho MOVIE Channel YouTube channels on April 25, with differing presentations between the two uploads.


Inside X-Central, X-VENTURE Xplorers members Jake and Louis are arguing over who would win in a fight between Godzilla and King Kong, but are stopped in their tracks when they spot the monsters staring each other down outside the tower. Jake roots for Godzilla, who attempts to fire his atomic breath at Kong, but grazes X-Central. Kong responds with a punch to Godzilla's face as Louis cheers him on. While Kong holds back an oncoming Godzilla, Sherry draws the Xplorers' attention to a monitor that shows devastation taking place across the globe. Jake and Louis call out to the monsters and convince them to put aside their differences to save the world. Godzilla and Kong then sprint away together, but leave X-Central in disrepair.




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Motion comic (Kadokawa version)
Motion comic (Toho version)


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