Kong: The Great War #1

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Kong: The Great War issues
Issue #1
Issue #2
"Chapter I: The Beach"
Cover A of Kong: The Great War #1 by Brian Hitch
Written by Alex Cox
Art by Tommasso Bianchi
Cover by
  • Brian Hitch (CVR A)
  • Jae Lee (CVR B)
  • Joe DeVito (CVR C)
Colors by James Devlin
Letters by Taylor Esposito
Edits by Matt Idelson
Kong: The Great War
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"Chapter I: The Beach"[a] is the first issue of Dynamite Entertainment's Kong: The Great War. It was published on May 10, 2023.[1]


The World at War! While men of all nations fight on foreign shores, an Imperial German U-Boat is lost at sea! The crew now faces terror beyond imagination! Monsters from creation's dawn! Gruesome, blood-stained death from above and below! Impossible beasts, reigning by fear and violence in the South Pacific! And looming over all, the gargantuan ape-god that knows no master! These brave men have faced death before, but now they must contend with...Kong![1]


When a captain of the Imperial German Navy regains consciousness on the shores of Skull Island in 1917, he is not entirely sure if he is still alive. All around him are the remains of his U-boat and crew, and he remembers the carnage of a battle before seeking safety in the water. Just as he steps foot into the sea, a giant tentacled reptile emerges, looking down on him. He stands in awe for a moment before surviving members of his crew begin to fire on the creature with the remains of the ship's mounted guns. They blow off the creature's head as the captain runs toward them. Despite his hesitancy, they look to him for orders. With little food, weapons, or ammunition left, as well as an incoming tide, he orders them to take what they can and begin climbing the steep cliff face. He hopes to lead the crew to safety on higher ground, and remembers climbing the Alps in his youth before a thunderous noise disturbs the company. They scramble to shelter within a cave in the rock face, but soon see the cave's mouth briefly blocked off by some gargantuan creature. A soldier volunteers to check it out, but is quickly swept up by the beast. The captain cautiously makes his way to the opening, flashing back to the U-boat's capsizing as a great pair of brown eyes peer into their hiding place. He edges out further, listening to the volunteer getting eaten before finding himself looking up at the gargantuan face of Kong.



  • King Kong
  • Unnamed giant tentacled reptile
  • Unnamed theropods (CVR A)


  • Captain
  • Deiter
  • Felice
  • Roland
  • Werner
  • Hugo
  • Meyer
  • Wolfgang





  • Sources originally reported a March 1 release for this comic,[2] followed by March 15[3] and April 19,[4] before it finally released in May.
    • As of late May 2023, Dynamite Entertainment's website continues to list the comic's publication date as "March, 2023" and its on-sale date as "3/1/2023."[5]


  1. Written as "Chapter One" on the title page.


This is a list of references for Kong: The Great War issue 1. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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