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Dark Horse's Godzilla, King of the Monsters
Issue #2
Issue #3
Issue #4
"Long Live the King!"
Cover of issue #3 by Arthur Adams
Written by Kevin Maguire
Cover by Arthur Adams (original)
Bob Eggleton (reprint)
Pencils by Brandon McKinney
Colors by Albert Deschesne
Letters by Pat Brosseau
Edits by Robert Vincent Conte
Design by Mark Cox
Dark Horse

"Long Live the King!" is the third issue of Dark Horse's Godzilla, King of the Monsters. It was originally published on August 1, 1995,[1] and reprinted on November 4, 1998, as Dark Horse Classics: Godzilla: King of the Monsters #5.


This issue originally was sold for $2.50.[1] The comic was reprinted in the Godzilla: Age of Monsters collection.


As Godzilla battles the manmade Cybersaur, a giant bat-like reptile from outer space overhears the brouhaha and changes its course toward earth. Its purpose? To feed on whichever Goliath falls first! Watch out, guys -- Bagorah the Bat Monster is coming to the party, and he's got a hunger that'll kill![1]


Vibrations from Godzilla's final shriek waft out to space where they are sensed by the interstellar vulture Bagorah. As G-Force and the Canadian military examine Godzilla to verify that he is in fact dead, Col. Cameron arrives on the scene. He informs Dr. Kagaku that Professor Yoshiwara is being held responsible for the damage caused by Godzilla’s blood and has been detained by Japanese authorities at G-Force headquarters.

Canadian astronomers sight Bagorah headed to Earth, apparently heading for Godzilla's body. Back in Japan, Yoshiwara decides that the only way to correct her error is to administer an anti-toxin to Godzilla and stop his bleeding.

Cybersaur manages to repulse Bagorah when the monster arrives to consume Godzilla's body, the bat-monster uttering an ear-piercing wail as he retreats to the sea. Burton Helzer helps Yoshiwara escape from G-Force headquarters and the pair are soon flying to Canada. Meanwhile, Col. Cameron and Dr. Kagaku discuss means of repulsing Bagorah when the monster returns. Reiko finds Kate snooping around Godzilla. As she questions the reporter, Bagorah returns. Running to safety, they watch as Cybersaur again battles Bagorah. Then they see something else, Helzer and Yoshiwara standing near Godzilla. Yoshiwara lifts a stinger missile launcher and fires the anti-toxin into Godzilla. Bagorah defeats Cybersaur and is just perching on Godzilla's body, ready to feed, when Godzilla awakens.



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