Godzilla: War for Humanity #3

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Issue #3
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Godzilla: War for Humanity #3
Cover A of Godzilla: War for Humanity #3 by Andrew MacLean
Written by Andrew MacLean[a]
Art by Jake Smith[2]
Cover by
  • Andrew MacLean (CVR A)[2]
  • Jake Smith (CVR B)[3]
  • Sam McKenzie (CVR RI)[4]
  • Tradd Moore (CVR RI)[5]
Colors by Valentina Pinto
Edits by David Mariotte
Design by Nathan Widick
Godzilla: War for Humanity

Godzilla: War for Humanity #3 is a comic book from IDW Publishing. It was published on December 20, 2023.[2]


As a trio of kaiju attacks Tokyo, Zoospora’s influence continues to spread beneath the surface, like an unseen, growing infection. Dr. Honda and her team hatch a desperate plan to rally Godzilla to humanity’s cause, using the robotic MOGUERA. But how far are they willing to go? And as more kaiju appear and the situation gets even worse, what secrets are to be found in…the “BARRY PILE”?!
Zoospora goes viral as the epic introduction of a captivating new addition to Godzilla’s rogues’ gallery continues, from writer Andrew MacLean (Head Lopper) and artist Jake Smith (Blood Force Trauma)![2]


A brainwashed Anguirus, Manda, and Gorosaurus arrive in Tokyo Bay. JSDF laser tanks open fire on Gorosaurus. At the headquarters of the anti-monster task force, Phazon Fullchech recounts to Drs. Yuko Honda and Johnny Wiggum, as well as Samantha, how MOGUERA's brainwashed captain tried strangling him after flying the mech back to base, with Colonel Elise Guerrero warding the pilots off with a warning shot. All three are now restrained and sedated in the sick ward, but non-responsive and drooling sludge. In another room, Barry is alarmed by a live feed of the three kaiju smashing Tokyo and furiously scribbles down notes. He delivers a sizable report to the rest of the team. All of the adults complain about its length and ask for it to be set on the Barry Pile, comprised of the rest of his unread reports, but Samantha asks to see it. Honda and Wiggum recount their encounters with the Talking Cave and the Shobijin and the conflicting messages they received from them. Samantha alerts the team to the situation in Tokyo via Barry's report, causing Fullchech to berate Barry for not telling them. Fullchech proposes that they battle the monsters themselves in MOGUERA; though none of them have been trained, he likens the controls to operating a smartphone. Guerrero is pessimistic about a three-against-one match-up, and Yuko wants Godzilla in the fight, so Wiggum suggests kidnapping Minilla to bring Godzilla to Tokyo. Yuko is enthusiastic, ignoring Samantha's objections.

At Taal Volcano in the Philippines, Zoospora strikes again, ensnaring Rodan in its tendrils and firing sludge into his mouth.

Fullchech insists that all the adults wear the gaudy MOGUERA pilot suits. Samantha catches Honda staring at Fullchech's extremely fit body as he changes, horrifying Honda, but Samantha reassures her that "Dad left us a long time ago." She tries talking Honda out of abducting Minilla, since it would distress Godzilla. Her mother defends it as a desperate plan for a desperate situation, believing Godzilla will protect humanity once he see the danger they're in, but reminding herself of her own mother with her condescending tone. Barry reports that Rodan is flying towards Tokyo; though he stays behind, Fullchech still talks him into wearing one of the suits.

The upgraded Super MOGUERA travels to Monster Island and quickly catches Minilla in a net, but fails to notice Godzilla emerge from behind it. His atomic breath blasts off its new chainsaw arm and sends it falling into the sea, but it manages to take off as he gives chase. Continuing to read Barry's reports, Samantha realizes that the original MOGUERA pilots are experiencing the same symptoms as the kaiju Zoospora attacked. She tells him he shouldn't let the rest of the team push him around. In Tokyo, Super MOGUERA sets Minilla by the shoreline before launching a barrage of missiles and lasers at Manda, Anguirus, and Gorosaurus. The three kaiju charge, landing blow after blow as its many new weapons fail to hit them. Samantha contacts the pilots to tell them not to hurt the kaiju, as they've been poisoned by Zoospora and are not attacking of their own free will - just as Gorosaurus tries to remove Super MOGUERA's left arm. Mothra suddenly appears, spinning into Gorosaurus and giving Super MOGUERA an opening to hit him with its laser sword. Rodan slams Mothra into a building while the other brainwashed monsters corner Minilla. Godzilla makes his presence known, knocking the three kaiju aside with one shot of atomic breath. Awed by his power, Honda thinks that his arrival is "the safest I've felt in a long time."




  • Dr. Yuko Honda
  • Dr. Johnny Wiggum
  • Samantha
  • Phazon Fullchech
  • Colonel Elise Guerrero
  • Barry
  • Yuko's mother (mentioned)
  • Yuko's ex-husband (mentioned)

Weapons, vehicles, races, and organizations

  • Anti-monster task force
  • MOGUERA Power Team Alpha
  • JSDF laser tanks
  • JSDF helicopters
  • Shobijin (flashback)






  • This issue was originally set for release on November 8,[1] before being delayed to December 20.
  • Yuko states that Godzilla is 355 feet tall, matching his height in Godzilla (2014).
  • The page of Barry's report that Samantha holds up is written in Lorem ipsum.


  1. Fraser MacLean is erroneously listed as the writer in IDW's solicitation.[1]


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