Kong: The Great War #3

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Kong: The Great War #2
Kong: The Great War #3
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Kong: The Great War #3
Cover A by Jae Lee
Written by Alex Cox
Art by Tommasso Bianchi
Cover by
  • Jae Lee (CVR A)
  • Jackson Guice (B)
  • Joe DeVito (CVR C)
Kong: The Great War
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The third issue of Kong: The Great War was published by Dynamite Entertainment on August 30, 2023.[1]


PREHISTORIC NIGHTMARES THAT ARE ALL TOO REAL! Flying thunder lizards! The King of Tyrannosaurs! Man-eating giant insects! The sailors of U-184 are trapped in a world beyond all reason, and the ape-god that rules this island hellscape stands on the horizon, waiting and watching as hot death pursues the doomed mariners across his kingdom. In this pulse-pounding tale written by ALEX COX and illustrated by TOMASSO BIANCHI, the shadows of Skull Island's jungles offer no escape from the carnage - and rescue is only a fleeting dream![1]


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