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King Kong (1991)

King Kong is a six-issue American comic book series published by Fantagraphic Books from February 1991 to March 1992 under the imprint "Monster Comics." Adapted and illustrated by Donald Simpson, it is based on the 1932 novelization of the same name. It was the first King Kong comic series after the Latin American comics King Kong and King Kong in the Microcosmos in the 60s and 70s, respectively.

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  • Due to its being adapted from the 1932 King Kong novelization, the comic differs from the 1933 film in several places, such as Charlie and Briggs being replaced by the character Lumpy. The series also features some changes not present in the film or novelization, including the Venture, or Wanderer, being named the "Vastator," an assistant to Carl Denham named Wally, and the addition of a sequence involving a horde of dinosaurs attacking the Skull Islanders' village alongside Kong.


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