King Kong (1991) #1

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King Kong (1991)
Issue #1
Issue #2
"Denham's Quest"
The cover of issue #1 by Dave Stevens
Story by Edgar Wallace, Merian C. Cooper, Delos W. Lovelace
Written by Donald Simpson
Art by Donald Simpson
Edits by Gary Groth, Larry Pike
King Kong 1991 Logo.png
King Kong (1991)

"Denham's Quest" is the first issue of the 1991 comic series, King Kong. It was released in February of 1991.


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Weapons, vehicles, and races


  • New Jersey
    • Hudson River
  • Manhattan, New York
  • Skull Island
    • Skull Mountain
  • Panama (mentioned)
    • Panama Canal (mentioned)
  • Hawaii (mentioned)
  • Japan (mentioned)
  • Borneo (mentioned)
  • Sumatra (mentioned)



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