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Jimmy in King Kong (2005)
Jimmy in King Kong (1933)
Species Human
Nationality American
Occupation LookoutKK05
First appearance Latest appearance
King Kong (1933) King Kong (2005)
Played by Jamie BellKK05

Jimmy is an incidental character from the 1933 film King Kong, who was upgraded to the the orphaned lookout aboard the Venture in the 2005 remake. Jimmy was originally written as a supporting comic relief character, and his role remains intact in the 1932 novelization of the film based on the final script, although he is little more than an extra in the 1933 film, and his dialogue is spread out among many sailors.


King Kong (1933)

Although he is only named in an off-hand remark by Carl Denham, Jimmy accompanies the director to the island with the rest of the crew. While he helps to load the gas bombs into the boats, they are carried by two other sailors who inherit his dialogue. Jimmy instead carries Denham's camera. Only when returning to Skull Island to rescue Ann Darrow does Jimmy carry Denham's gas bombs in a wooden box on back. He spends most of the trek inland as the third man in the procession, and apart from a knife in a sheath on his belt he isn't visibly armed. When the Brontosaurus attacks the party's raft while they're crossing the lake, Jimmy ends up in the water along with the other sailors. One of his shipmates, Tim, helps him take the box of bombs off so he can swim better. Once the group manages to make it to shore, Jimmy is notable for consistently falling down and needing to helped to his feet, usually by Denham or Jack Driscoll. He makes it as far as the gorge, where the men are attacked by King Kong while crossing the log bridge. When Kong tips the log and begins dropping the sailors into the pit, Jimmy manages to grab a branch jutting out from the side, and manages to hang on the longest. When he refuses to be shaken loose, Kong responds by throwing the entire log down into the pit. Jimmy dies on impact.

King Kong (2005)

In 1929, Jimmy stowed away aboard the Venture with an arm broken in two places. He was found and befriended by first mate Ben Hayes before becoming a full member of the crew. While sailing for what the crew believed would be Singapore, Jimmy brought a dinner of lamb's brains in walnut sauce to Jack Driscoll in the cargo hold. Hayes then came down to see if Jimmy had done the work he had asked, and Jimmy tried to run away, but Hayes stopped him and made him return the pen he had stolen from Driscoll. Up on deck, Hayes lectured Jimmy on his education, but Jimmy was content to work on the ship for the rest of his life. But to show his commitment to learning, Jimmy showed Hayes a copy of Heart of Darkness, which he had "borrowed" from the public library for its promise of "adventures on a tramp steamer". Jimmy would later vandalize the movie posters in Bruce Baxter's cabin with a marker. However, while visiting the cargo hold, he overheard director Carl Denham tell Driscoll that they were filming at a place called Skull Island. He then told Hayes, and that night they and Lumpy confronted him. The sailors warned the director with tales of a hidden island told to them by a mad castaway seven years before, but the director paid them no mind. While reading by flashlight in the crow's nest, Jimmy began to realize that a thick fog was encroaching from all sides. As the ship pushed forward, Jimmy shouted as soon as he saw a giant wall looming in the gloom. As the ship headed for rocks, Jimmy held onto the mast as they scraped the hull. Jimmy tried to call out the locations of rocks, but the ship was scuttled on a gigantic carving. However, while the ship was being repaired, Jimmy noticed Denham and his film crew rowing to shore, and went to notify the Captain. However, that night while throwing things overboard to lighten the ship, Driscoll came looking for Ann, whom Jimmy had last seen in her cabin. However, it quickly became apparent that she had been kidnapped, so Jimmy and the other sailors went ashore to save her, but were too late to keep her from being taken into the jungle beyond the wall. Jimmy wanted to help rescue her, but Hayes refused to let him join him, despite Jimmy's relative experience with a firearm. Jimmy managed to remain undiscovered through a Ferrucutus attack, but after picking up the trail King Kong had taken through the jungle, Hayes spotted him and tried to take away his gun. However, Hayes softened when Jimmy said that he just wanted to help bring Ann back. While resting in a narrow valley, the group was set upon by a stampede of Brontosaurus, which Jimmy barely survived by sprinting along the crumbling cliffs. The crew then created rafts to float across a swamp, and Jimmy sat at the front prepared to shoot at potential threats. However, they were attacked from beneath by several creatures. Jimmy survived the encounter, and was helped ashore on the other side by Lumpy. The group continued across a log bridging a deep chasm, where Hayes told Jimmy and the others to say back, and to run if he said to. Jimmy was unwilling, on the grounds that he wasn't a coward. Kong then emerged from a tunnel on the other side and killed Hayes just after he told Jimmy to go with Jack, who held Jimmy back as they were shaken into the pit below. When Jack woke up, he quickly came to Jimmy, who embraced the writer, who told him things would be okay. Unfortunately they were then faced with an onslaught of bugs from the depths, which took the lives of many of the survivors until Englehorn and Baxter came to rescue them and took them back to the village while Jack went to look for Ann. When the two returned, Englehorn and Denham had a plan to capture Kong alive, and while Jimmy stood armed behind Denham, he neither took part in the operation, nor tried to stop it. When Kong broke free of his bonds and the Captain declared the mission a failure, Jimmy hurried back to the ship. With Kong chasing them down a long tunnel to the boats, Jimmy stood fast with his gun ready to take on the beast. Jack was able to get him into a whaler, where he stood up and kept his aim at the approaching Kong. He began to shout and fire on the beast, but Jack could not stop him in time before he angered the ape and he destroyed the boat. Jack saved the now unconscious Jimmy and paddled to the side of a rock to keep them afloat, and he presumably helped the crew sail back to New York.

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Books and short stories

King Kong (1932)

Jimmy was a young sailor aboard the Wanderer when it sailed to Skull Mountain Island. When the crew went ashore, Jimmy was volunteered by First Mate Jack Driscoll to carry Carl Denham's hefty supply of tetrachloride gas bombs. Denham bade Jimmy to stay close and watch his step, as the bombs could put a herd of hippos to sleep by his reckoning. When Jimmy asked if they would see any hippos, Denham hoped there would be more exciting things there. On the island, they happened across a native ceremony, whose nature puzzled the young sailor, but he was the first to spot trouble when they were discovered and all of the women ran away. When Ann Darrow was kidnapped by the natives, he accompanied the crew on their search for her in the jungles, and was tasked with carrying the crate of gas bombs, and declined offers to take some of his load off. They were able to use one against an angry Stegosaurus whose path they crossed. After traversing through dense mist, Denham asked if the crew would want to go back. It was Jimmy who first spoke up, claiming that the dinosaurs, which he referred to as "big lobsters", had yet to meet a force like them. The men made a makeshift raft to cross a river after Kong however, they upset a Brontosaurus who destroyed the raft. Jimmy was thrown off balance, and Carl made a swipe to save some of the bombs, but lost his rifle in the act. Jimmy was forced to abandon his load to keep himself from drowning. In an attempt to escape a rampaging Triceratops, The party attempted to cross a fallen log across a giant crevice, however Kong appeared at the other end, leaving the men trapped. Kong grabbed the log and shook two sailors off before throwing the log into the pit, killing everyone on it, including Jimmy.

"King Kong" (The Mystery Magazine)

Jimmy was the sailor tasked with carrying Denham's gas bombs on their journey into Skull Island to rescue the actress Ann Darrow. Jimmy was ordered to stay close to Denham after an encounter with a Stegosaurus. During a Brontosaurus attack, he was forced to drop the case of bombs into the river to keep himself from drowning, as they made it impossible for him to swim. The party lost only three men, but soon came to an impassable bog. Lucky for them, Jimmy spied Kong crossing over a fallen tree bridging a nearby crevice. The sailors hurried after him, but were surprised by Kong returning to stand in their way. Their retreat was impeded by a Triceratops, who stood in their way without taking any real action. Kong then began shaking the log, causing the remaining sailors, including Jimmy, to fall into the pit, where they fell victim to the giant spider at the bottom.

King Kong: The Junior Novel

Jimmy was the youngest sailor aboard the Venture, and brought passengers Carl Denham and Jack Driscoll a dinner of lamb’s brains in cheese and walnut sauce. Weeks later, the ship entered a mysterious fog, Jimmy called from the crowsnest that they were surrounded by rocks and a great wall. The ship was soon scuttled, and Jimmy helped the other sailors to repair the damaged hull. He accompanied the other sailors ashore to rescue Ann Darrow when she was kidnapped by angry natives, and prepared to join the crew going into the jungle, but was stopped by Hayes.

King Kong (2005)

Jimmy was a sixteen year old orphan who worked aboard the Venture as it sailed with film director Carl Denham. One night at sea, Jimmy brought two bowls of Lamb brains and walnut stew down to Denham and his writer Jack Driscoll, who was rooming in the cargo hold. There he listened to them try to write a scene in which a man is stabbed in the back, the logistics of which they had horribly wrong, and Jimmy corrected them to their great discomfort. In his off-time, Jimmy was tutored by First Mate Ben Hayes out of a school workbook to practice his penmanship. It was Hayes' belief that Jimmy needed an education to get out of life on the sea, but Jimmy was more than content to stay. Jimmy also stole a copy of Heart of Darkness from a library, believing it would be a tale of "adventures on a tramp steamer" just like his and Hayes' life, which Hayes certainly hoped would not be the case. However, as their course shifted, Jimmy, Hayes, and Lumpy pooled their knowledge to warn Denham of the dangers of trying to film on Skull Island, which the director did not heed. He later sneaked into lead actor Bruce Baxter's cabin and drew mustaches on all of Baxter's movie posters. While sailing, Jimmy took a liking to Denham's leading lady Ann Darrow, and one night on deck she enticed him to dance with her after catching him staring. Days later, Jimmy sat in the crow's nest reading Heart of Darkness by flashlight instead of working, however, when a thick fog rolled over, he put it down and got to work shortly before spotting a 200 foot wall. He began seeing rocks to all sides, and the Captain tried to maneuver the ship out of the situation. However, in the moment, Jimmy was fully ready to accept his coming death, and was glad to have been a part of the crew, but was not ready to give up. Spotting an opening in the rocks, he called down its location, but the ship scuttled on a reef. In the morning, Jimmy was forced to find the Captain and Mr. Hayes to tell them that Denham had taken his crew to shore. Englehorn did not care, but as they talked over the repairs, they hears Ann scream from the shore, and something in the jungle screamed back. The other crewmen went to rescue the filmmakers, and when Ann returned, Jimmy offered to help her but was waved away. The crew was then ordered to lighten the ship by throwing all ballast overboard, and Jimmy went about the task, and eventually directed Jack Driscoll to Ann in her cabin, only for him to discover that she had been kidnapped. The crew then went ashore to rescue her, but found she had been taken behind the wall. Jimmy prepared by loading a rifle with what seemed to Denham to be expert efficiency, and tried to persuade Hayes to let him join for his firearm experience. Unable to do this, Jimmy pulled a woolen cap low over his head and went along anyway. However, It did not take long for Hayes to discover him. Jimmy defended his decision with his will to save Darrow, and Hayes' having used a gun at an age lower than his own. When Hayes protested with his having had a military drill sergeant at the time, Jimmy insinuated that Hayes was his drill sergeant, and he eventually gave Jimmy the gun back before the crew moved on from the clearing. When Jack asked Hayes if he had been in the military, Jimmy proudly babbled his friend's achievements, to Hayes' annoyance and embarrassment. After losing four men in the jungle and during a Brontosaurus stampede and Hunter lizard attack, Jimmy was one of the few mortified sailors who was willing to continue searching for Darrow, but when Lumpy agreed to continue on, the movement fell apart and they continued into the swamp. They began to raft across and were attacked by a Piranhadon. Denham tried to shoot it and destroyed his raft, sending the rest of the sailors into the water. Hayes searched for Jimmy, who was able to make it ashore. However, after reaching the other side and continuing through the jungle, Hayes was attacked by a beast with hooked feet, which Jimmy was able to smugly shoot down before it could kill him. Hayes quickly told Jimmy not to get arrogant, which Jimmy interpreted as a lack of faith in him, so he sulked his way back into the group. Lumpy approached him and encouraged him not to give up on Hayes, who was a father figure that just wanted to protect him, which was far more than Lumpy's father had done for him. They soon came to a log bridging a deep pit in the ground and began to cross until Hayes bid them to stay back as he examined the other side. There, Kong took Hayes in his hand and threw him against the far wall of the pit with a crunch of his bones. Jack restrained Jimmy as he shouted and tried to run at the beast that started to shake the log. They were thrown off, but were saved by grabbing vines on the walls of the crevice. At the bottom, Jimmy sat crying in disbelief, turned in his workbook to a poem he had copied per Hayes' instructions when Jack came to help him up. The boy cried into Jack's arms just before gigantic bugs attacked them. Jimmy managed to survive the attack, and the survivors were rescued by Englehorn, who took them back to the village to wait for Jack to return with Ann. After they returned with Kong on their heels, Jimmy was not really part of the attempt to capture him, when he escaped their netting, Jimmy stood unafraid as he fired into the beast, not fazing it at all, until Jack tackled him out of the way. Jack hurried Jimmy to the whalers, where he raised his gun to Kong again, but was stopped once more by Driscoll.


King Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World

Jimmy sailed aboard the Venture to the mythic Skull Island, where he spotted dangerous rocks to all sides of the ship. After a close call with the natives, Captain Englehorn called for the ship to be lightened. Jimmy was then approached by Jack Driscoll asking if he had seen actress Ann Darrow before announcing to the crew that she had been kidnapped by the natives. They launched a rescue party, however Englehorn gave them one day before they would leave without them. After narrowly surviving a stampede of Brontosaurus, Hayes was killed by Kong, and the group was flung into a pit where they were attacked by a number of creatures. A few, including Jimmy, managed to survive when the Captain and a group of other sailors came to save them.



  • For unknown reasons, Jimmy does not appear in the original King Kong until the second time the crew of the Venture goes ashore. In the novelization and the script, he is a part of the first party. What little dialogue written for Jimmy that remains in the film is present during the first voyage, but it is split between two other unnamed sailors.
  • While Jimmy does not appear in The Mighty Kong, a similar "cabin boy" character by the name of Ricky takes his place.


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