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Alternate names Red Devil-lizard
Species Diablosaurus rufus
Length 20-25 feet[1]
First appearance The World of Kong

Diablosaurus is a fictional species of dinosaur that was created for Peter Jackson's 2005 film King Kong, but did not make it into the film. However, they were documented as a real part of Jackson's Kong lore in the 2005 supplementary book The World of Kong.


Diablosaurus were large reptiles covered in spikes and osteoderms, which rendered them mostly impervious to the clawed hunters of Skull Island. Despite their size, they were sure-footed and sturdy as they walked on their dainty-looking toes. While the horn configuration on Diablosaurus had no clear pattern, males had the largest horns of the two sexes. The species sported bright red heads to aid in finding other individuals in the low jungle light and to ward off predators.[1] They had poor eyesight and a good sense of smell. Their tough, mobile, mammalian lips and flat grinding teeth were used to shred the vines they tore down in the jungle to eat. While outwardly resembling a ceratopsian, the Diablosaurus was an unconventional descendant of sauropods with stocky necks and short tails.[2]


Diablosaurus rufus' name comes from the Spanish word "Diablo", or Devil, and the Latin word "saurus", meaning lizard. The word "rufus" is Latin for red.


Diablosaurus were a species of heavily armored dinosaur that were nearly invulnerable as adults. Their young were born live into small familial groups. Young individuals were targeted by large and mid-sized predators, and as such were under the constant watch of their elders until they grew old enough to leave in search of a mate. Because of the lack of the need for constant protection, Diablosaurus usually only lived in small units of immediate family or as mated pairs, although solitary individuals, particularly males, were not uncommon. Their poor eyesight made their powerful sense of smell a necessity to locate food. They ate primarily on ferns and by tearing their favorite vines off of trees with their powerful heads.



Diablosaurus' armor makes them almost invulnerable to attacks from predators.[1]



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