The Making of King Kong: The Official Guide to the Motion Picture

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The Making of King Kong: The Official Guide to the Motion Picture
The Making of King Kong: The Official Guide to the Motion Picture
Author(s) Jenny Wake
Publisher Pocket Books
Publish date December 13, 2005[1]
Pages 256
Genre Reference
ISBN ISBN-10: 1416505180
ISBN-13: 978-1416505181

The Making of King Kong: The Official Guide to the Motion Picture is a 2005 informational book that details the production of Peter Jackson's King Kong.


The book was published by Pocket Books on December 13, 2005. It contains 256 pages.


""King Kong" is Universal Pictures' long-anticipated reimagining of the classic 1933 Merian C. Cooper film, directed by Peter Jackson, Academy Award®-winning director of "The Lord of the Rings." Featuring stunning visual effects and a cast that includes Academy Awards® nominee Naomi Watts, Academy Award® winner Adrien Brody, and Jack Black, "King Kong" is a groundbreaking masterpiece that breathes new life into a cinematic legend.

This official companion to the movie takes readers behind the scenes with a fascinating, intimate view of every stage of production, from scriptwriting to costuming to digital effects. Packed with exclusive images and personal recollections from the filmmakers, actors, and crew, "The Making of King Kong" takes you on a captivating journey to Wellington, New Zealand, where readers will: find out what it's like to be on the set during filming; learn the tricks of the miniatures trade from the wizards of Weta Workshop; experience 1930s New York with the expert team of construction workers and set dressers; and marvel at the cutting-edge technology of Weta Digital. Over 200 full-color photos—including original concept art, digital storyboards, and candid behind-the-scenes snapshots—vividly illustrate this massive cinematic undertaking, alongside in-depth interviews with Peter Jackson, Richard Taylor of Weta Workshop, Andy Serkis, Philippa Boyens, and many more. "The Making of King Kong" is a comprehensive, indispensable companion to the acclaimed film that no fan should miss."


  • A Visionary Filmmaker (p. 1)
  • A Classic Story (p. 11)
  • Creating Skull Island (p. 21)
  • Fabricating Reality (p. 31)
  • Previz (p. 35)
  • New York, Wellington (p. 39)
  • The Lie Factory (p. 51)
  • Flying Aces (p. 57)
  • Costuming From Scratch (p. 61)
  • Making Up and Wigging Out (p. 67)
  • Maritime Makeover (p. 75)
  • Dressing the Venture (p. 81)
  • Making Waves (p. 85)
  • Mini Venture (p. 91)
  • The Dancing Ocean (p. 95)
  • Skull Island (p. 101)
  • A Brief History of Skull Island (p. 105)
  • The People of Skull Island (p. 109)
  • Big Rocks and Trees (p. 115)
  • Little Rocks and Tres (p. 127)
  • It's a Small, Windy World (p. 137)
  • The Patchwork Island (p. 143)
  • Weta World (p. 147)
  • The Creatures (p. 151)
  • Hyenas Around the Carcass (p. 157)
  • Digital Models (p. 167)
  • Creature Calisthenics (p. 171)
  • Animation (p. 175)
  • Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie (p. 181)
  • The Stampede (p. 183)
  • The 8th Wonder of the World (p. 187)
  • A Tragic Tale (p. 191)
  • On Set With Kong (p. 193)
  • In Safe Hands (p. 199)
  • Motion Capture (p. 203)
  • Putting a Face to the Beast (p. 207)
  • Digital Fur and Skin (p. 209)
  • Making the Cut (p. 215)
  • Post Sound (p. 217)
  • Making Manhattan (p. 223)
  • Architectural New York (p. 227)
  • Massive Technology (p. 231)
  • Lighting a Digital World (p. 235)
  • Bomb Squad (p. 239)
  • The Tragic End (p. 241)
  • Acknowledgements (p. 247)



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