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Godzilla Dictionary
Godzilla Dictionary
Edited by Norihiro Nomura
Publisher Kasakura Publishing
Publish date November 1, 2004
Pages 359
Genre Reference
ISBN ISBN-10: 4773002921
ISBN-13: 978-4773002928

Godzilla Dictionary (ゴジラ大辞典,   Gojira Dai-jiten, lit. "Godzilla Great Dictionary") is a 2004 informational book. It profiles information on every Godzilla film produced from 1954 to 2003 — thus excluding Godzilla Final Wars. An updated edition was released a decade later.


The book was published by Kasakura Publishing on November 1, 2004. Read from right-to-left, it contains 359 pages, the first 8 being in full color and the rest black-and-white. The book contains a vast array of in-universe information about the Godzilla franchise, segregating entries on the Toho films toward the end, separate from the monsters, weapons, vehicles, races, characters, terminology and so on found throughout the bulk of its pages.


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This book has no table of contents.

  • Transition of the Destruction King Godzilla 破壊王ゴジラの変遷 (p. 2)
  • Introduction はじめに (p. 9)
  • How to Use This Dictionary この辞典の使い方 (p. 10)
  • Godzilla Great Dictionary ゴジラ大辞典 (p. 12)
  • Editor's Postscript 編者あとがき (p. 358)

Column コラム

  • (p. 23) 1: The original Godzilla ❶ゴジラの原作
  • (p. 31) 2: There was also this kind of Godzilla ❷こんなゴジラもいた
  • (p. 33) 3: The Godzilla radio drama and novel ❸『ゴジラ』のラジオドラマと小説
  • (p. 88) 4: The secret of Godzilla's roaring voice ❹ゴジラの咆き声の秘密
  • (p. 97) 5: Godzilla, advance into the United States! ❺ゴジラ、全米に進出!
  • (p. 125) 6: Beginnings of Godzilla figures ❻ゴジラのフィギュア事始め
  • (p. 152) 7: Unmade Godzilla Film No. 1 - Frankenstein vs. Godzilla ❼幻のゴジラ映画① 『フランケンシュタイン対ゴジラ』
  • (p. 157) 8: The hard work of being the first Godzilla ❽ご難続きだった初代ゴジラ
  • (p. 160) 9: Four Shobijin ❾本当は4人いた小美人
  • (p. 179) 10: Unmade Godzilla Film No. 2 - Godzilla vs. the Space Monsters: Earth Defense Directive ❿幻のゴジラ映画② 『ゴジラ対宇宙怪獣 地球』
  • (p. 182) 11: Overseas Godzilla different from the original ⓫オリジナルとは違う海外のゴジラ
  • (p. 200) 12: Godzilla in the Ultra Series ⓬ウルトラシリーズの中のゴジラ
  • (p. 206) 13: Fan outcry at re-edited versions ⓭ファン泣かせの再編集版
  • (p. 210) 14: Unmade Godzilla Film No. 3 - Godzilla vs. Red Moon ⓮幻のゴジラ映画③ 『ゴジラ・レッドムーン・エラブス・ハーフン 怪獣番外地』
  • (p. 226) 15: Extra edition of VS series ⓯VSシリーズの番外編
  • (p. 246) 16: Unmade Godzilla Film No. 4 - Resurrection of Godzilla ⓰幻のゴジラ映画④ 『ゴジラの復活』
  • (p. 254) 17: Godzilla who appeared in TV drama ⓱テレビドラマに登場したゴジラ
  • (p. 284) 18: Sonosheet original drama ⓲ソノシートのオリジナルドラマ
  • (p. 293) 19: GODZILLA and Godzilla: The Series ⓳続編も作られたアメリカ版『GODZILLA』

Godzilla Series Films Introduction ゴジラシリーズ作品紹介 (p. 299)


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