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Godzilla roaring in Antarctica (Godzilla Final Wars)

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Before 1900

Prehistoric eras: PrecambrianCarboniferousPermianCretaceous

B.C.E.: 30,0008,0001,000
C.E.: 1502

1900-1949: 19081915192019261931193219331934193819421943194419451946194719481949

'50s: 1950195119521953195419551956195719581959

'60s: 1960196119621963196419651966196719681969

'70s: 1970197119721973197419751976197719781979

'80s: 1980198119821983198419851986198719881989

'90s: 1990199119921993199419951996199719981999

'00s: 2000200120022003200420052006200720082009

'10s: 2010201120122013201420152016201720182019
'20s: 2020202120222023

In the real world

In fiction

  • One year after the battle between Godzilla and Kiryu, the machine is still undergoing extensive repairs. Godzilla has not been seen since the battle. However, the signs of the beast's return are mounting: the lifeless body of a monster turtle dubbed Kamoebas washes up on the coast of Japan with deep wounds in it's neck. The monster Mothra also reemerges, and her twin fairies, relatives of the Shobijin discovered on Infant Island in 1961, warn mankind that the bones of Godzilla contained within Kiryu must return to the sea, for no man may touch the souls of the dead. However, Kiryu is prepared for battle anyway, but Godzilla raids before the final checkup is complete. However, the grandson of Dr. Chujo, the man who had helped to save the Shobijin 43 years earlier, summons Mothra to the city, and the guardian monster engages Godzilla in battle. Unfortunately, the elderly insect begins to loose the upper hand, and far away on a pacific island, the egg of Mothra hatches and two larvae emerge and begin to swim to Tokyo. Back in the city, Kiryu is finally launched and once again engages Godzilla. The larvae soon arrive as well, just in time to see their mother die at the hands of Godzilla. The two young Mothras then attack their mother's murderer, and Kiryu continues it's attack. Soon, Kiryu gets close enough to Godzilla to stab the beast in the wound opened by the Absolute Zero Cannon the year before, and Godzilla begins to weaken. The larvae then cover Godzilla in silk, and the beast falls helplessly to the ground, but not before letting out one last roar. Kiryu once again reverts to its "Godzilla-side", and, operating on its own, lifts Godzilla out to sea and sinks itself with its organic counterpart in the Japan Trench. The souls of the dead can now finally rest in peace. The Mothra larvae leave Tokyo, and the human race is left safe. However, in a lab somewhere in Japan, the DNA of Godzilla still grows in a special vault, and another coming of the creature is all but inevitable. (Godzilla: Tokyo SOS)


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