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Pre-20th century
542,000,000 B.C.300,000,000 B.C.250,000,000 B.C.130,000,000 B.C.65,000,000 B.C.30,000 B.C.8,000 B.C.1,000 B.C.
20th century
21st century

In the real world

  • Toho considers a project titled Mothra vs. Bagan, a proposed film starring Mothra and the unused monster Bagan from the earlier Resurrection of Godzilla story proposals, which would be set in the same universe as Godzilla vs. Biollante. The idea is reworked into a project called Mothra vs. Godzilla before being abandoned. Ideas carried over from both scrapped concepts would find their way into the 1992 film Godzilla vs. Mothra.

In the Kaiju Multiverse

  • Godzilla is released from his imprisonment inside the crater of Mount Mihara by terrorists working for Bio-Major. A creature created from the combination of the DNA of Godzilla, a rose, and a scientist's deceased daughter, dubbed Biollante, attracts the King of the Monsters toward Lake Ashi. Before reaching the lake, Godzilla engages the JSDF's new weapon Super X2 at sea and forces it to withdraw. Godzilla defeats Biollante at Lake Ashi before assaulting Osaka, where he destroys the Super X2 but is successfully injected with the Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria. Godzilla engages Biollante again in a final confrontation at Wakasa Bay, where he is weakened by the effects of the ANEB and stumbles into the sea. Both monsters then go their separate ways: Godzilla out to sea, and Biollante into outer space. (Godzilla vs. Biollante)


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Son of Gorgo

25 months ago
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How do we know if it's set in 1990?


25 months ago
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Yeah, what if they take place in the same year it was released? Like Godzilla 2014 or Shin Godzilla. Besides, most Heisei films doesn't mention the years the movie takes place in.

Astounding Beyond Belief

25 months ago
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We know from on-screen text, according to Japanese Wikipedia. (https://ja.w...%B3%E3%83%86) Haven't gone through the movie myself to confirm. SciFi Japan also mentions that every Godzilla movie from Biollante to Destoroyah takes place in the year after it was released.(http://www.s...of-godzilla/)

The H-Man

20 months ago
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The "Godzilla Memorial Lounge" monument says Godzilla appeared in and destroyed the whole of Shinjuku in 1985. This is right after the film tells us the present day is "5 years later" than the prologue, which shows Godzilla's previous rampage and the events around Erika's death in Saradia. Together, this suggests the film takes place in 1990. However, there are two lines in the later VS films that somewhat contradict this.

In GvsKG, which unquestionably takes place in 1992, Miki states that Godzilla has been resting in the Sea of Japan for 1000 days since his battle with Biollante. Dates in GvsKG suggest the present day events take place in July. Subtract 1000 days from those dates and you end up in October 1989. That's close enough that it's not necessarily a problem, and maybe Miki is rounding up to 1000.

In GvsDes, Miki says she's been studying Godzilla for seven years. That film takes place in 1996 (shown on screen early in the film), and seven years prior would be 1989. Again, this is close enough and maybe just a matter of rounding to seven instead of six and a half.

In my opinion, the 1990 date for "Biollante" isn't as strong as the dates given on screen in GvsKG, GvMG2, and GvsDes (stated to be 1992, '94, and '96, respectively). The Memorial plaque and the "5 years later" exposition implies, but doesn't necessarily confirm, that the film takes place in 1990. Furthermore, props that list dates are sometimes inaccurate. A computer display in GvsDes gives the date as "7/19/WED." July 19th was a Wednesday in 1995, and that was probably the date they shot that scene, but the film has already given us the year as 1996.

And although these movies were released each year in December, apparently Toho considered them movies for the "new year." One of the Millennium trailers uses that term anyway, and early teasers for the VS films usually end with the upcoming year (e.g. the Godzilla vs. Mothra teaser ends with "'93," and makes reference to Biollante in '90 and KG in '92). That's also why Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II, released December 10, 1993, was considered the 40th anniversary Godzilla film.
Real World