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Godzilla takes Minilla along on Sollgel Island (Son of Godzilla)

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Before 1900

Prehistoric eras: PrecambrianCarboniferousPermianCretaceous

B.C.E.: Last Ice Age30,0008,0001,100
C.E.: 15021853

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In the real world




  • 22 April: Gappa is released in Japan.
  • 27 April: Toho airs the first episode of its first color television series, He of the Sun.





  • 1 October: Tsuburaya Productions airs the first episode of the series Ultraseven in Japan. This series would go on to become one of the studio's most famous works.


In fiction

  • Godzilla begins to follow a strange radio signal that resembles a brain wave, and soon arrives on Sollgel Island. There, he finds an infant Godzilla, dubbed Minilla, under attack from three large preying mantises called Kamacuras. After defeating them, Godzilla adopts Minilla and teaches him how to use his Atomic Ray. The duo then battle the giant spider Kumonga before a weather control experiment freezes the island and forces Godzilla and his son into hibernation. (Son of Godzilla)
  • On Mondo Island, a giant ape called King Kong is discovered, along with a large assortment of other creatures, such as Gorosaurus and a Giant Sea Serpent. An evil scientist named Dr. Who invents a robotic clone of Kong called Mechani-Kong. The two monsters battle in Tokyo, with Kong emerging victorious. Kong then kills the robot's inventor and returns home. (King Kong Escapes)
  • An expedition from Tokyo heads to Obelisk Island to discover a baby reptile the natives call Gappa. They bring it back to Japan and end up unleashing the two parent Gappas on the country. The two monsters leave Japan once the baby Gappa is returned to them. (Gappa)
  • The spaceship AAB Gamma is dispatched from Japan to travel to Mars to investigate reports of UFOs in the area. When the Gamma nears the red planet, it comes across a mysterious alien vessel that sprays the ship with spores. Samples are taken back to earth where one of them begins to develop. The cosmic spore grows into a giant, lizard-like creature dubbed "Guilala." The monster begins a reign of destruction through Tokyo. Guilala is finally defeated by jets laden with bombs, which coat it in a substance called "Guilalanium." It causes Guilala to shrink down to its original spore form. The government promptly launches the spore back into space, where it will circle the sun in an endless orbit. (The X from Outer Space)
  • In the Middle East, a nuclear bomb is set off that creates massive earthquakes. The earthquake makes its way to South Korea, caused by a giant monster named Yonggary. Yonggary attacks Seoul and makes his way to the oil refineries where he consumes the oil. Yonggary, enraged, starts attacking until a chemical explosion at the refinery proves to have an effect on it. The South Korean government then uses oil to draw Yonggary on a local river, and kills it with a refined version of the ammonia compound. Yonggary dies a painful death through exsanguination. (Yongary, Monster from the Deep)
  • On a journey to the Solar System while mapping the Milky Way, a lone Ultra named Ultraseven lands on Earth, where he rescues a mountain climber shortly after he arrives. Realizing that Earth is full of life, like many other planets he had seen, Seven decides that from that point onwards, he would protect the Earth. (Ultraseven)


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