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First appearance The X from Outer Space

The AAB-Gamma (AABγ (ガンマー),   Eieibui Ganmāgō) is an exploration ship that features in the 1967 Shochiku film The X from Outer Space.


The Gamma's prefix "AAB" is an acronym for Atomic Astroboat (アトミックアストロボート,   Atomikku Asutorobōto). While its name is written as AABガンマー号 in promotional materials, the ship's hull simply reads AAB γ.


Showa era

The X from Outer Space

After numerous reports of UFOs patrolling the interplanetary space near Earth, the AAB-Gamma was launched by the Japanese government to look for them. Once in space, the AAB-Gamma searched the areas where sightings had been reported and eventually discovered a single UFO. The UFO began coating the AAB-Gamma in an unusual substance that looked like spores, before swiftly fleeing. With its mission considered complete, the AAB-Gamma was ordered to return to Earth. Although most of the spores burnt off when the AAB-Gamma re-entered the atmosphere, one remained and developed into the space kaiju Guilala.




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