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P-1 X
The P-1 X in Godzilla Rivals: Vs. King Ghidorah
Targets Xilia, King Ghidorah
Piloted by Daitan Matsushita, Hoshi
First appearance Godzilla Rivals: Vs. King Ghidorah

The P-1 X is a VTOL spacecraft that appeared in the 2022 IDW Publishing comic Godzilla Rivals: Vs. King Ghidorah.


Godzilla Rivals: Vs. King Ghidorah

Designed by international supervillain Dr. Ogilvy Hu, the P-1 X was created in the wake of the Xiliens' invasion of Earth in 1996, built by pilot Captain Daitan Matsushita and Dr. Hu's android, Hoshi. Upon the ship's completion, a plan was formed to send the P-1 X to Mars, where the Xiliens had established a city known as Xilia. There, they would detonate a weapon known as the Electro-Bomb to disrupt a master signal that the Xiliens used to control their forces on Earth; if the link were to be severed, humanity would regain a significant advantage in the war.

Shortly after Captain Matsushita and Hoshi boarded the P-1 X and were preparing to launch, the Xiliens breached Dr. Hu's underground lair, prompting him to initiate the emergency launch of the ship. Though Captain Matsushita wished to stay and fight, Dr. Hu and Hoshi launched the P-1 X in the nick of time while Dr. Hu fended off the invaders using his mech, Jet Jaguar. The P-1 X left Earth's atmosphere and eventually made it to Mars, with its stealth systems allowing its pilots to evade detection as they arrived at Xilia. As they entered the city, the P-1 X was finally detected, prompting the launch of numerous Xilien UFOs that quickly engaged the manmade ship. As the P-1 X engaged in evasive maneuvers to avoid their laser blasts, the Xiliens simultaneously attempted to remotely hijack Hoshi's operating system in an attempt to force him to sabotage the mission. As the P-1 X approached Xilia's battle arena, in which Godzilla was doing battle against the Xilien monster King Ghidorah, the ship was struck by a laser blast, damaging its right wing while Hoshi fought to prevent the Xiliens from gaining control over his body. Knowing the importance of their mission, Hoshi ordered Captain Matsushita to eject with the Electro-Bomb, intending to sacrifice himself to allow her to continue their mission. As Captain Matsushita safely parachuted to the surface within the arena, Hoshi managed to stave off the Xiliens' control just long enough to take command of the P-1 X and crash it straight into King Ghidorah's body, where it was destroyed upon impact.

Though the P-1 X was lost, its ultimate mission of jamming the Xilien signal to Earth was eventually successful after Godzilla annihilated the control tower generating the signal, while Matsushita and the heavily damaged but alive Hoshi managed to escape the red planet by commandeering an Xilien UFO.



The P-1 X is capable of flying "faster than any fighter jet created by man," according to Dr. Ogilvy Hu. It is also capable of interplanetary flight, bringing its pilots from Earth to Mars.


The P-1 X is equipped with stealth systems that helped its pilots evade detection during their journey to Mars, allowing them to locate Xilia before the Xiliens finally found them.



  • The P-1 X is named after the P-1, a spacecraft from the 1965 film Invasion of Astro-Monster. Within the comic itself, the P-1 X is only referred to as the "P-1," though its full designation is labeled on the side of the vehicle itself.


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