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The BC-22 in Gamera 2000
Subtitle(s) BC-35G, BC22IKU, Floating Bike
Height 1.1 meters
Length 3.4 meters
Width 1.3 meters
Weight 542 kilograms
Targets Bio-Mecha, Forest walker, Forest drones, Hover-blockade drones, Nomad Chip, Nomad Viper, Gyaos Ray, Gyaos Dog, Gyaos Armadillo, Gyaos Man
Piloted by Lisa Mukunoki, Jack Morton
First appearance Gamera 2000

The BC-22 is a hoverbike used by the United Nations Science Academy in the 1997 video game Gamera 2000.


While designated the BC-22 by computer screens in game, the manual refers to it by several designations such as BC-35G, the BC22IKU and simply Floating Bike.


The BC-22 resembles a large red motorcycle with white and gray highlights, with two handle bars, two seats and green dashboards and an air intake or grill in the front. Rather than wheels the back of the bike has three exhaust ports or engines with green highlights, one large one in the center and two smaller engine ports on the bottom left and right, respectively.

Video games

Gamera 2000

After destroying the Bio-Mecha forces in Japan and the Hawaiian Islands, Gamera made his way to a forest outside of San Francisco and was flying around the area, refusing to land. Realizing Gamera sensed something, Jack and Lisa landed the IUK-3 and opened its cargo bay to deploy the BC-22 and investigate the area. As Lisa and Jack rode off into the forest it didn't take long for them to be ambushed by Bio-Mecha forces, desperately trying to prevent them from discovering their secrets with several machine and cyborg weapons.

When the duo finally reached a clearing with a large hill, Gamera shot a fireball at it, revealing the entrance to a secret underground base. Lisa and Jack ventured in. There their worse fears were confirmed, the Bio-mecha had cloned the stolen Gyaos D.N.A., even worse they had genetically engineered new creatures with the D.N.A. of other lifeforms they had captured on Earth. As the duo made their way through the base fighting off Bio-Mecha weapons, they also fought various Gyaos mutants such as Gyaos Dogs, Gyaos Rays and a Gyaos Armadillo. They also fought and destroyed the Nomad Viper, the guard of the Gyaos clones as they slept in their stasis tanks. Even with the BC-22's impressive speed, the lair was so vast it took time to travel from floor to floor, all the while being ambushed.

With Jack's Pulse Gun and the BC-22's homing energy beams, the duo managed to fight their way to a large empty room save for a single large metal container hanging from ceiling. The container shook violently before a large monster erupted from it, the Gyaos Man. A horrifying creature made by fusing human geneticists with that of a Gyaos and further amplifying it with cybernetics such as an arm cannon. Lisa and Jack fired upon the creature while avoiding attacks from its strange powers thanks to the BC-22 before, against all odds, they killed the beast. As the base was exploding, Lisa managed to gather some genetic samples before she escaped with Jack on the BC-22.

The duo witness a large capsule being fired into the sky from the underground base before it exploded, freeing a gigantic two headed Gyaos clone, Neo-Gyaos. Realizing Gamera would need help to protect San Francisco, Jack loaded the BC-22 back into the IUK-3 and took off to assist the heroic turtle kaiju while Lisa stayed behind to upload the data on the gathered Gyaos D.N.A. to see what changes the Bio-Mecha had made to the creatures.


Homing Energy Rays

The BC-22 could lock onto multiple adversaries and then launch several blue energy rays or strands that would curve and home in on their respective targets. These beams were powerful enough to tear through the metal of Bio-Mecha weapons and burn Gyaos flesh.

Pulse Gun

Although technically a sidearm and not part of the BC-22's arsenal, Jack's Pulse Gun would be used as the main weapon as the BC-22's rate of fire was slow and would be used instead as a secondary weapon by Lisa. Jack's Pulse Gun is a large pistol that could fire pink energy bolts in rapid succession, burning through Bio-Mecha weapons and tearing through Gyaos flesh. The rapid fire rate allowed Lisa more freedom both to drive around enemy attacks and charge the BC-22's homing attack. The Pulse Gun has what appears to be a flashlight under its barrel as well as electrical cables running into a glove, presumably a battery or some other energy source is in it, providing the gun with the power to function.


The BC-22 was capable of driving up to a maximum speed of 320 kilometers per hour, allowing it to outpace the Gyaos Dogs.


The BC-22 levitated above the ground, acting much like a ground-effect vehicle. This gave the hoverbike the ability to hover in place or bank to the side without moving forward. It also could levitate, to limited degree, vertically upward to avoid an oncoming enemy attack. This combined with its speed gave the hoverbike an amazing mobility and agility.


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