Atomic Heat Cannon

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Atomic Heat Cannon
The Atomic Heat Cannons in Battle in Outer Space
Targets Natarl UFOs, Natarl Mother Ship

The Atomic Heat Cannons are heat cannons created by Toho that first appeared in the 1959 tokusatsu film, Battle in Outer Space.


Showa era

Battle in Outer Space

To prepare for the inevitable Natarl invasion, FFE Fighter bases were establishes globally and Atomic Heat Cannons were planted to guard them. The Mother Ship and its escort of UFOs soon approached Tokyo, prompting one of the remaining FFE Fighters to begin attacking them. In order to assist the optimistic fighter pilot, the Atomic Heat Cannons were fired and managed to destroy the Mother Ship, ending the Natarls' invasion on Earth once and for all.


Atomic heat ray

The Atomic Heat Cannon, as its name entails, is a cannon which fires rays of atomic heat.




  • The design and functionality of the Atomic Heat Cannons is similar to that of the Markalite Cannon, introduced in the film The Mysterians. Another weapon, the Atomic Heat Ray Gun, appeared in the film Mothra. The main differences between the three is that the Atomic Heat Cannons are stationary weapons, only being able to turn on their base to adjust the weapon's aim.


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