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Toho Company, Limited Vehicles
The Alpha in Latitude Zero
Subtitle(s) All-Purpose Submarine
(万能潜水艦,   Bannō Sensui-kan)[1]
Height 12 meters[1]
Length 100 meters[1]
Width 19.5 meters[1]
Targets Black Shark
Piloted by Captain Craig McKenzie

The Alpha (アルファ号,   Arufa-gō) is a supersubmarine created by Toho which first appeared in the 1969 Toho film, Latitude Zero.


Showa Series

Latitude Zero

Alpha was first launched in the early 19th century by Captain Craig McKenzie. Years later, it was used to save Dr. Ken Tashiro, Dr. Jules Masson, and Perry Lawton who were trapped in a bathysphere. They then attempted to travel to Latitude Zero but were stopped by Malic and Kroiga in the Black Shark, before the enemy craft retreated. After Malic created Griffon, he deployed her to attack the Alpha, but she retaliated and caused the destruction of the Black Shark, killing the monster and Malic in the process. Afterwards, the Alpha continued on its journey.


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