Green Call

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Green Call
Green Call
Targets Greenman (Communicator)
First appearance Latest appearance
Go! Greenman episode 1,
"Greenman vs. Garamedon"
Go! Godman (2008)
That is the Greenman Call. Whenever you need my help, just push the button.

— Greenman to the children (Go! Greenman Episode 1: Greenman vs. Garamedon)

The Green Calls (グリーンコール,   Gurīn Kōru), alternatively referred to as Greenman Calls (グリーンマンコール,   Gurīnman Kōru), are small hand-held devices created by Toho that first appeared in the 1973 tokusatsu kaiju series, Go! Greenman. They were given to the children of Earth by Greenman, and whenever a kaiju is terrorizing them, they signal the hero to Earth.


The Green Call is circular and its outer "shell" is a silver color. The inside/front of it is red with a black dot in the center. There are 6 circular lights placed on it which light up during the process of calling Greenman. This process is activated by pressing a small lever on the outside of the device.


Go! Greenman

The Green Call was first seen in episode 1 of Go! Greenman, Greenman vs. Garamedon. In the series it was used to signal Greenman. It also has the ability to repair Greenman's machinery, as shown when Tonchiki accidentally stepped on one of the Green Calls, and repaired Greenman of his paralysis in time for him to defeat Ibokiller. The Green Calls were also used to clear Greenman's mind control from Zarizon, and to cure the blindness incurred by Alien Tiborus.

Millennium era

Go! Godman (2008)

One of the Green Calls also made a appearance in the crossover film, Go! Godman. Haruka Ayase and Koichi Matsushita find the Green Call in a box of old toys and parts which was accidentally knocked over by Shilarji. Haruka seems familiar with how to use it, calling Greenman to Earth so that he could aid Godman in battle against Shilarji and Gaira.


Go! Greenman

Go! Godman (2008)


  • The Green Call has made an appearance in every episode of Go! Greenman.


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