Black Shark

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Black Shark
The Black Shark in Latitude Zero
Height 18 meters[1]
Length 114 meters[1]
Width 23.4 meters[1]
Targets Alpha
Piloted by Kroiga, Malic
First appearance Latitude Zero

The Black Shark (黒鮫号,   Kurosame-gō) is a supersubmarine featured in the 1969 Toho film Latitude Zero.


Showa era

Latitude Zero

The Black Shark was piloted by Captain Kroiga, an evil servant of Dr. Malic. It was first seen attacking the Alpha on its way back to Latitude Zero. The Black Shark's demise was after Malic transplanted Kroiga's brain into a lion. Wanting to get revenge on Malic for taking away her human body, Kroiga, now the monster Griffon, attacked the Black Shark. The lion managed to knock off the ship's laser turret which discharged at a mountainside, causing an avalanche that buried it and the ship.

Video games



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