Kawasaki-Vertol KV-107 II

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Kawasaki KV-107 II
A Kawasaki-Vertol KV-107 II in King Kong vs. Godzilla
Height 5.02 meters[1]
Length 25.4 meters[1]
Targets Godzilla,
King Kong,
Piloted by Multiple

The Kawasaki-Vertol KV-107-II is a Japanese twin-engined military helicopter produced by Kawasaki Heavy Industries. It appears in the 1962 Godzilla film, King Kong vs. Godzilla.


Showa era

King Kong vs. Godzilla

A KV-107 II was sent to find the Seahawk. It witnessed Godzilla emerging from an iceberg. Two KVs were later sent to help lift King Kong out of Tokyo and dropped him at Mount Fuji.

Mothra vs. Godzilla

Several KV-107 IIs were sent to drop electrical nets onto Godzilla.

Gamera vs. Gyaos

Following a chain of volcanic activity across Japan that culminated in the eruption of Mount Fuji, a team of geologists from the United Nations flew out to Shizuoka Prefecture aboard a KV-107 II to investigate the strange phenomenon. As the helicopter flew over the mountains, a strange green glow was seen emanating from a cavern, from which a yellow beam erupted, striking the helicopter and slicing it in half, killing everyone on board after it fell out of the sky. It was later discovered that this beam was the work of Gyaos.

King Kong Escapes

A few KV-107 IIs witnessed the battle between King Kong and Mechani-Kong.

Godzilla vs. Hedorah

KV-107 IIs were sent to drop oxygen bombs onto Hedorah. They were forced to flee when it failed.

Heisei era

The Return of Godzilla

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Godzilla vs. Biollante

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Video games



  • The Kawasaki-Vertol KV-107 II is a Japanese variant of the American-built Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight.


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