Exploration Car

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Exploration Car
The Exploration Car in Destroy All Monsters
Targets Kilaak base
Piloted by Moonlight SY-3 crew
First appearance Destroy All Monsters

The Exploration Car (探検車,   Tankensha) is a moon rover deployed from the Moonlight SY-3. It first appeared in the 1968 Toho, film Destroy All Monsters.


Showa era

Destroy All Monsters

When the Moonlight SY-3 discovered the Kilaaks' base on the moon, it deployed the Exploration Car to breach it. The car used its dual Maser Cannons to destroy the entrance to the base, exposing its occupants to the freezing lunar temperatures and causing the Kilaaks to revert to their true forms. The SY-3 crew disembarked and searched the base for the transmitter the Kilaaks were using to control Earth's kaiju. They found the device but were unable to remove it using any of their tools. Captain Katsuo Yamabe removed one of the Exploration Car's Maser Cannons and used it to successfully cut the transmitter free from its base, cutting off its signal and freeing Earth's kaiju from the aliens' control. The SY-3 crew then returned to the Exploration Car and rode it back onto the SY-3, which departed just as the Kilaaks' base began to explode.



The Exploration Car can fire missiles from a small cannon.

Maser Cannons

The Exploration Car is equipped with two miniature Maser Cannons mounted to the top of the vehicle, as well as two more on the hood of the vehicle, which were intended for excavation. However, these Maser Cannons are effective against the material used by the Kilaaks to construct their machinery, and was used to successfully destroy their base and transmitter.


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