Yoshio Tsuchiya

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Yoshio Tsuchiya
Yoshio Tsuchiya as Koichi Iwomura in Battle in Outer Space
Character(s) Played Tajima, Mysterian Leader, Detective Taguchi, Officer Katsumoto, Masafumi Kasai, Mr. Kawai, Controller of Planet X, Furukawa, Dr. Otani, Dr. Kyoichi Mida, Yasuaki Shindo
Birthday May 18, 1927
Date of Death February 8, 2017[1]
Birthplace Yamanashi, Japan
First Work Murder Suspect (1952)
Notable Work Invasion of Astro-Monster (1965)
I don't like playing just regular guys. „ 

— Yoshio Tsuchiya

Yoshio Tsuchiya (土屋 嘉男,   Tsuchiya Yoshio?) was a Japanese actor. A favorite of directors Akira Kurosawa and Ishiro Honda, he appeared in films as varied as Seven Samurai and Invasion of Astro-Monster. He often sought the most unusual roles available in Toho's science-fiction films, drawing upon his interest in space travel and UFOs to enhance the parts. Tsuchiya passed away on February 8, 2017, at the age of 89.

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