Kazuya Aoyama

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Kazuya Aoyama
Kazuya Aoyama
Born November 28, 1951
Ota, Tokyo, Japan
Occupation CEO and president of Kawamoriya,
former actor and singer
Notable role(s) Hikaru Sakimori, Masahiko Shimizu
First work Century of the Emperor (TV 1971)
Notable work Zone Fighter (TV 1973)
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Kazuya Aoyama (青山 一也,   Aoyama Kazuya), real name Mototsugu Takeda (武田 基嗣,   Takeda Mototsugu), is a Japanese businessman and former actor and singer.

He began his singing career as a member of the rock band Green Grass, with whom he released at least one single. He made his acting debut in the 1971 series Century of the Emperor, but continued to pursue music, signing to Victor Records in 1971 and earning silver prize at the Shinjuku Music Festival for his second single, "Are You Happy?" He was eventually recognized by Toho, who selected him to star in the 1973 superhero series Zone Fighter. Following the show's conclusion, Aoyama was reunited with director Jun Fukuda for Godzilla's 20th anniversary film, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. His final film role came in the 1975 disaster movie Conflagration, officially retiring from acting in 1976. Aoyama is presently active as the CEO and president of Japanese seaweed wholesaler Kawamoriya, Inc., succeeding his father in 1989.[1]

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