Shin Kishida

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Shin Kishida
Shin Kishida
Born October 17, 1939
Tokyo, Japan
Died December 28, 1982
Occupation Actor, screenwriter, playwright, director
First work A Wanderer's Notebook (1962)
Notable work Lake of Dracula (1974)

Shin Kishida (岸田森,   Kishida Shin), also known by the pseudonym Shin Akekawa (朱川 審,   Akekawa Shin) and sometimes miscredited in English as Mori Kishida, was a Japanese actor, voice actor, screenwriter, playwright, and director. Kishida appeared in numerous supporting roles in film and television throughout the 1960's and 1970's, and was a frequent collaborator of director Kihachi Okamoto. Kishida was a fan of science-fiction and fantasy, and for this reason appeared in several of Tsuburaya Productions' tokusatsu series, and even wrote screenplays for episodes of Return of Ultraman and Fireman. Kishida is even credited with designing the kaiju Pris-Ma. Kishida has been called "the Japanese Christopher Lee," due to his celebrated roles as the vampire in the second and third entries of Michio Yamamoto's Bloodthirsty Trilogy. Kishida is also remembered for his role as the mysterious INTERPOL agent Nanbara in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, a film which also starred Kishida's friends and colleagues Goro Mutsumi and Daigo Kusano. Kishida passed away of esophageal cancer at the age of 43 on December 28, 1982.

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