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Jerry Ito
Jerry Ito
Born July 12, 1927
New York City, New York, United States
Died July 8, 2007
Occupation Actor, singer
First work Tears (1956)
Notable work Mothra (1961)
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Jerry Ito, born Gerald Tamekichi Ito and erroneously credited as Jelly Ito, was a Japanese-American actor and singer. The son of dancer Michio Ito, nephew of actor Koreya Senda and set designer Kisaku Ito, and cousin of composer Teiji Ito, Jerry Ito came from a family of entertainers. Ito served in the U.S. Navy in World War II, and was part of the first occupying U.S. forces in Japan after the war. After his time in the Navy, Ito studied acting in the United States and became a stage actor. He was recalled to duty to serve in the Army, during which time he organized various shows. Ito moved to Japan to be with his family, and began finding work in films there. Ito would act in numerous Japanese films and television programs from the 1950s through 1990s, becoming most well-known for his roles in Mothra and The Manster. Ito enjoyed a long friendship with actor Hiroshi Koizumi, with whom he worked on Mothra. In 1997, Ito suffered a massive stroke and was forced to move to California. He eventually recovered, and was a guest at multiple Godzilla-related events, including G-Fest in 1999. Ito continued living with his wife at their home in Marina del Rey, California, before passing away from cancer on July 8, 2007, just days before his 80th birthday.

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