Andrew Hughes

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Andrew Hughes
Andrew Hughes in Destroy All Monsters
Born January 1, 1908
Ottoman Empire
Died September 1, 1996
Occupation Actor, business executive
First work The Greater East Asia War
and International Trial
Notable work Destroy All Monsters (1968)

Andrew Hughes (アンドリュー・ヒューズ,   Andoryū Hyūzu), also known as Andre Hughes (アンドレ・ヒューズ,   Andore Hyūzu) or A.H. Hughes (A・H・ヒューズ,   Ē Eichi Hyūzu), was a Turkish actor and business executive. Working almost exclusively in the Japanese film industry, he is one of several foreign actors to appear frequently in Toho's Showa-era tokusatsu films, along with Osman Yusuf and Harold Conway.

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