Kenyu Horiuchi

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Kenyu Horiuchi
Kenyu Horiuchi
Born July 30, 1957
Gotemba, Shizuoka, Japan
Occupation Voice actor
Notable role(s) Ultraman, Niko Tatopoulos,
Unberto Mori
First work Genesis Climber MOSPEADA (TV 1983-1984)
Notable work Cowboy Bebop (TV 1998)
I saw the black-and-white Godzilla as a child... since then my childhood room has been full of Godzilla figures. It seems that there will be more after this film (ha).

— Kenyu Horiuchi on working on the GODZILLA anime trilogy

Kenyu Horiuchi (堀内 賢雄,   Horiuchi Ken'yū) is a Japanese voice actor. A prolific voice actor in Japan since the early 1980's, Horiuchi has voice acted in a wide range of anime productions and video games, and also frequently dubs western productions into Japanese, often dubbing Hollywood actors such as Brad Pitt, Charlie Sheen, and Ben Stiller. Horiuchi provided the voice for protagonist Nick Tatopoulos in the Japanese dub of Godzilla: The Series, and also voices the character Unberto Mori in the GODZILLA anime trilogy.

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