Emi Ito and Yumi Ito

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Emi Ito / Yumi Ito
Emi and Yumi Ito performing in 1975
Born April 1, 1941
Tokoname, Aichi, Japan
Died June 15, 2012 (Emi),[1]
May 18, 2016 (Yumi)[2]
Occupation Actresses
Notable role(s) Shobijin
First work The Wonderful Nineteen (1959)
Notable work Mothra (1961)
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Emi Ito (伊藤 エミ,   Itō Emi) and Yumi Ito (伊藤 ユミ,   Itō Yumi) were identical twin Japanese singers and actresses who performed as The Peanuts (ザ・ピーナッツ,   Za Pīnattsu). Active from 1958 to 1975, the duo was one of the first successful J-pop groups, selling over 10 million records.[3] They acted in films by five of the six major Japanese film studios from 1959 to 1968, most memorably in the 1961 Toho kaiju film Mothra as the title character's diminutive singing priestesses, the Shobijin. They would reprise the roles in two subsequent Godzilla films. The Shobijin, or characters inspired by them, have accompanied Mothra in most of her film appearances since then. Emi passed away on June 15, 2012, at the age of 71,[1] and Yumi died on May 18, 2016, at 75.[2]

Selected filmography

Selected discography



The Peanuts perform on The Ed Sullivan Show on April 3, 1966


  • The Peanuts and their immediate successors, Pair Bambi, are the only Shobijin actresses to have actually been twins.


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