Kazunari Mori

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Kazunari Mori
Kazunari Mori on the set of Terror of Mechagodzilla
Occupation Suit actor
Notable role(s) Mechagodzilla
First work Jumborg Ace (TV 1973)
Notable work Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975)

Kazunari Mori (森 一成,   Mori Kazunari), also erroneously credited in English as Ise Mori, was a Japanese suit actor. He portrayed Mechagodzilla in both of the character's appearances in the Showa era.

Selected filmography




  1. Satan Go-Ne, Butterflying, Elekibird, Kendaurus, Death Moon, Jum Killer Jr., Mirror King, etc. He is also commonly believed to have played Demon Go-Ne, though goes uncredited in episodes 46 onward.


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