Saburo Shinoda

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Saburo Shinoda
Saburo Shinoda
Born December 5, 1948
Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Actor, voice actor, narrator[1]
Notable role(s) Boy scout, Dr. Fukazawa,
Emperor Keiko, Mitsuru Kunimoto
Height 178 centimeters[1]
First work Gan (1966)[1]
Notable work Ultraman Taro (TV 1973-1974)
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Saburo Shinoda (篠田 三郎,   Shinoda Saburō), real name Haruo Otsuka (大塚 晴生,   Ōtsuka Haruo), is a Japanese actor and voice actor. He is perhaps best recognized among tokusatsu fans for his role as the voice and human host of Ultraman Taro from the 1973 Tsuburaya Productions series of the same name. Shinoda has made a handful of other appearances in kaiju media, including as the characters Shigeki Fukazawa and Mitsuru Kunimoto in the 90s Godzilla films Godzilla vs. Mothra and Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, respectively.

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