Kenpachiro Satsuma

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Kenpachiro Satsuma
Kenpachiro Satsuma
Occupation/Role Suit Actor
Character(s) played Hedorah, Gigan, Godzilla, Pulgasari, Yamata no Orochi
Birthday May 27, 1947
Birthplace Izumi, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
First work Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971)
Notable work The Return of Godzilla (1984)
I can hardly call it acting, but I talk big about it now!

— Kenpachiro Satsuma on his role as Hedorah[1]

Kenpachiro Satsuma (薩摩剣八郎,   Satsuma Kenpachirō), originally known as Kengo Nakayama (中山剣吾,   Nakayama Kengo), is a Japanese actor. Satsuma worked as a suit actor in the Godzilla films of the 1970's, starring as the villainous monsters Hedorah and Gigan alongside his friend and mentor, Haruo Nakajima, who portrayed Godzilla. Satsuma returned to play Godzilla himself in the 1984 film The Return of Godzilla, and would reprise the role through the rest of the Heisei series, with his final portrayal of the character coming in 1995's Godzilla vs. Destoroyah.

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5 months ago
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I feel sorry for him for how many times he might have passed out during recordings of Godzilla vs. Destoyah.


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I mean Godilla vs Detoroyah
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