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Rik Thomas
Rik Thomas LQ.png
Born 1940-1941[a]
Occupation Former film dubber, businessman

Rik Thomas, also spelled Rick Thomas,[1] is an English businessman and former film dubber. A lieutenant colonel of the British Special Forces, Thomas settled in Hong Kong in the early 1970s after serving in Vietnam and the Congo. His career in film dubbing began in 1972, when he was approached about entering the business while at a pub.[2] By the '80s, Thomas was in charge of the dubbing studio Chasen Company, organizing and performing in dubs of various Asian films.[1] Sometime later, he established the studio Omni Productions which he ran with his wife, Ina Chow.[3] Over the course of his career, he performed in numerous English dubs of Toho science fiction films, beginning as early as 1980's Magnitude 7.9. He notably voiced Lieutenant Gondo in Godzilla vs. Biollante, Yasuaki Shindo in vs. King Ghidorah, Commander Aso in vs. Mechagodzilla II, vs. SpaceGodzilla and vs. Destoroyah, Hirotoshi Isayama in GMK, and Prime Minister Igarashi in the Kiryu duology. Thomas seemingly retired from dubbing after 2004, making his final contribution to the Godzilla series as UN Secretary-General Daigo in Red Angel Media's English dub of Godzilla Final Wars.

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  • Thomas dubbed Akira Nakao in all six of his Godzilla films.

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  1. Thomas was stated to be 60 years old in issue 30 of Giant Robot magazine, published in 2001.


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