Takashi Shimura

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Takashi Shimura
Shimura Takashi.JPG
Occupation/Role Actor
Birthday March 12, 1905
Birthplace Ikuno, Hyogo, Japan
First work Sanshiro Sugata (1943)
Notable work Ikiru (1952), Seven Samurai (1954)

Takashi Shimura (志村 喬,   Shimura Takashi), born Shoji Shimazaki (島崎 捷爾,   Shimazaki Shōji), was a Japanese actor, best known for his appearances in twenty-one of Akira Kurosawa's thirty films, most significantly Ikiru and Seven Samurai. He also appeared in several Godzilla and kaiju movies produced by Toho. He was born on March 12, 1905 and died of Emphysema on February 11, 1982.

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