Toki Shiozawa

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Toki Shiozawa
Toki Shiozawa
Born January 4, 1928
Ushigome, Tokyo, Japan
Died May 17, 2007 (aged 79)
Meguro, Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Actress
Notable role(s) Iguana, Cat Mask, Tokie Uzaki
First work Sanshiro Onna (1950)
Notable work Warrior of Love
(TV 1972-1973)
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Toki Shiozawa (塩沢 とき,   Shiozawa Toki), real name Toyoji Shiozawa (塩沢 登代路,   Shiozawa Toyoji), was a Japanese actress and television personality. A finalist of the 1947 Toho New Face audition, she made her film debut in 1950's Sanshiro Onna. Some of her most famous roles were on tokusatsu television series, including Warrior of Love Rainbowman, Transform! Ponpoko Ball and Flying Saucer War Bankid. A longtime employee of Toho Entertainment, she battled repeatedly with cancer, ultimately leading to her death; Shiozawa passed away at age 79 on May 17, 2007 due to linitis plastica.

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