Asuka Shimizu

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Asuka Shimizu
Shimizu in her Sazer Mithras Costume (2003)
Character(s) played Rei Kujo, Sazer Mithras
Birthday October 15, 1978
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
First work Guyferd (1996)
Notable work Gransazer Series (2003-05)

Asuka Shimizu (清水あすか,   Shimizu Asuka) is a Japanese actress and martial arts expert born on October 15th, 1978 who starred in Toho and Capcom's Guyferd, and later reappeared in Toho's Gransazer series.


Shimizu was a martial arts expert, who landed her first acting role as Rei Kujo in 1996. Years later, Toho recalled her skill and asked her to return for their The Gransazers series. After her first role, Shimizu gathered moderate fame and has since appeared in numerous films, television series, commercials, and stage plays. She married Makoto Hajime in 2004, and the two had a child in 2008.

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