The Justirisers (2004-2005)

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Ultra Star God Series
The Gransazers
The Justirisers
Super Fleet Sazer-X
The Justirisers
The Justirisers title sequence
Air date October 2, 2004 -
September 24, 2005
Distributor Toho
Channel(s) TV Tokyo
Genre(s) Tokusatsu
Episodes 51*
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The Justirisers (幻星神ジャスティライザー,   Genseishin Jasutiraizā, lit. Phantom Star God Justiriser) is a Japanese tokusatsu kaiju TV show produced by Toho, and the second entry in the Ultra Star God Series. It aired from October 2, 2004 to September 24, 2005.


The series revolves around three humans named Shouta Date, Yuka Sanada and Shinya Hiraga who, one day, find themselves as the new heroes of Earth. Long ago, an alien from the Azure Planet named Nolun was battling an evil lord named Kaiser Hades. After a long fight between good and evil, Nolun's army won and Kaiser Hades was sealed somewhere on Earth. After so many years, Kaiser Hades returns with his partner named Dr. Zora. Both of them decide to conquer Earth and send monsters such as the Zakoal, the Cyber Knights and his large monsters named the Space Beasts to attack Earth. Seeing this, Nolun gives part of her powers to Shouta, Yuka and Shinya so they can transform and become the Justirisers. Armed with special powers and the Genseishin and supported by Mio, Reika and many other humans, the Justirisers are on the mission to defeat Kaiser Hades and his army.


Title translations adapted from the show's international English dub. Episode 6's title is not spoken.

No. Title Director Writer 2nd unit director Air date
Part 1
1 "Manifestation! Star Beast Riseross" Teruyoshi Ishii Kazuhiro Inaba Tetsuya Matsui 2004/10/02
2 "Riser Glen Comes Forth!" 2004/10/09
3 "The Second Warrior Kageri Comes Forth!" Tsutomu Kashima Tsutomu Kamishiro 2004/10/16
4 "Friend or Foe!? The Third Riser!" 2004/10/23
5 "The Three Heroes" Teruyoshi Ishii Motoki Kawana 2004/10/30
6 "Come Forth! Ken Riser" 2004/11/06
7 "Crisis! Hadess Resurrection Plan" Tsutomu Kashima Kazuhiro Inaba Tetsuya Matsui 2004/11/13
8 "Attack! Ju Riser" 2004/11/20
9 "The Secret of the Orion Constellation" Okihiro Yoneda Shuji Kawata Motoki Kawana 2004/11/27
10 "Persist! Hearts in Trust" 2004/12/04
11 "Yuka's in Trouble!" Toshiharu Ikeda Tetsuya Matsui 2004/12/11
12 "Attack! By Two Monsters!" 2004/12/18
13 "Gentaro in Crisis!" Teruyoshi Ishii Akira Amasawa Motoki Kawana 2004/12/25
14 "The Tricky Strategy!" 2005/01/08
15 "Surprise! Justi Power" Tsutomu Kashima Tsutomu Kamishiro Tetsuya Matsui 2005/01/15
16 "Shout Out! Star Beast Nin Riser" 2005/01/22
Part 2
17 "Destcommand Attacks!" Teruyoshi Ishii Kazuhiro Inaba Tetsuya Matsui 2005/01/29
18 "Burn, Vital Sword!" 2005/02/05
19 "Bail Out! The Power of Life" Tsutomu Kashima Tsutomu Kamishiro Motoki Kawana 2005/02/12
20 "Memory Should Be Kept" 2005/02/19
21 "Dark Knight Demon Knight!" Okihiro Yoneda Shuji Kawata Tetsuya Matsui 2005/02/26
22 "Fierce Fighting! Stand Up, Shinya" 2005/03/05
23 "Everyone's Heart, Yuka's Heart" Tadashi Otsu Akira Amasawa Motoki Kawana 2005/03/12
24 "Plot to Destroy Riseross!" 2005/03/19
25 "The Mystical Warrior" Tsutomu Kashima Yoshio Urasawa Tetsuya Matsui 2005/03/26
26 "Hero of the Earth, Again..." 2005/04/02
27 "Hero Riser Shirogane!" Toshiharu Ikeda Koichi Mashima Motoki Kawana 2005/04/09
28 "The Justirisers vs. the Three Monsters" 2005/04/16
29 "Battle! At Hoshigami Island" Teruyoshi Ishii Shuji Kawata Kenji Tanigaki 2005/04/23
30 "Bacchus vs. Demon Knight" 2005/04/30
31 "Plan to Destroy Earth!" Tsutomu Kashima Kazuhiro Inaba Tetsuya Matsui 2005/05/07
32 "Clash! Hero vs. Soldier" 2005/05/14
33 "The Ultimate Justiriser, Arise!" 2005/05/21
Part 3
34 "Overture to a New Battle" Hirochika Muraishi Tsutomu Kamishiro Motoki Kawana 2005/05/28
35 "Awaken! Legendary Knight" Okihiro Yoneda Akira Amasawa 2005/06/04
36 "The Demon Lord Daruga Appears!" Tetsuya Matsui 2005/06/11
37 "The Captured Demon Knight" 2005/06/18
38 "The Tragedy of Planet Riser" Teruyoshi Ishii Koichi Mashima Motoki Kawana 2005/06/25
39 "A New Hero" 2005/07/02
40 "The Escape of Mio and Kazuya!" Kenji Suzuki Shuji Kawata Tetsuya Matsui 2005/07/09
41 "Defeat! The Demon Beast Zarigan" 2005/07/16
42 "Transform! Justiriser Showdown" Okihiro Yoneda Tsutomu Kamishiro Motoki Kawana 2005/07/23
43 "The Ultimate Hero" 2005/07/30
44 "Justirisers Face Allied Attack!" Komei Kondo Koichi Mashima Tetsuya Matsui 2005/08/06
45 "Adorocs' Final Operation" Mikihiro Honda Motoki Kawana 2005/08/13
46 "Power of the Ring" Toshiharu Ikeda Tsutomu Kamishiro Tetsuya Matsui 2005/08/20
47 "Ultimate Demon Leader Appears!" 2005/08/27
48 "Infiltration! Daruga's Base" Tsutomu Kashima Kazuhiro Inaba Motoki Kawana 2005/09/03
49 "Revive! Star Beasts" 2005/09/10
50 "Final Assault!" Teruyoshi Ishii Tetsuya Matsui 2005/09/17
51 "The Future of Our Planet" 2005/09/24


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