The Justirisers (2004-2005)

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Super Star God Series
The Gransazers
The Justirisers
Super Fleet Sazer-X
The Justirisers
The Justirisers title sequence
Air date October 2, 2004 -
September 24, 2005
Channel(s) TV Tokyo
Genre(s) Tokusatsu
Episodes 51

The Justirisers (幻星神ジャスティライザー,   Genseishin Jasutiraizā, lit. Phantom Star God Justiriser) is a Japanese tokusatsu kaiju show produced by Toho, and the second installment in the Super Star God trilogy. It aired from October 2, 2004 to September 24, 2005.


The series revolves around three humans named Shouta Date, Yuka Sanada and Shinya Hiraga who one day find themselves as the new heroes of the planet Earth. Long ago, an alien from Azure Planet named Nolun was battling an evil lord named Kaiser Hades. After a long fight between good and evil, Nolun's army won and Kaiser Hades was sealed somewhere on Earth. After so many years, Kaiser Hades returnes with his partner named Dr. Zora. Both of them decide to conquer Earth and send monsters such as the Zakoal, Cyber Knights and his large monsters named the Space Beasts to attack Earth. Seeing this, Nolun gives part of her powers to Shouta, Yuka and Shinya so they can transform and become the Justirisers! Armed with special powers and the Genseishin and supported by Mio, Reika and many other humans, the Justirisers are on the mission to defeat Kaiser Hades and his army.


  1. Appearance! Genseijuu Riseross
  2. Riser Glen, Kenzan!
  3. The Second Soldier. Kageri Sanjou!
  4. Friend or Foe!? The third man
  5. Three Heroes
  6. Kenzan! Genseishin Ken-Riser
  7. Crisis! The Hades Revival Plan
  8. Sortie! Genseishin Juu-Riser
  9. Secret of Orion
  10. Penetrating! Believing Hearts
  11. Yuka, Desperate Situation!
  12. Attack! Two Large Monsters!
  13. Gentarou's Critical Moment!
  14. Secret Plan! Deceit the Enemy!
  15. Miracle! Justi-Power
  16. Howling! Genseishin Nin-Riser
  17. The Death-Commandos Attack!
  18. Burning! Certain Kill Sword!
  19. Escape! The Strength to Live
  20. Reminiscence, Those That Should Be Protected
  21. Dark-Knight, Demon Knight
  22. Fierce fighting! Stand up Shinya
  23. Everyone's Heart, Yuka's Heart
  24. The Riseross Destruction Plan
  25. Phantom Hero
  26. Hero of the Azure Planet, Again...
  27. Brave Riser Shirogane!
  28. The Three Monsters Against the Genseishin
  29. Decisive Battle! Hoshikami Island
  30. Bacchus vs. Demon Knight
  31. Tremble with fear! Earth destructive plan
  32. Clash! Hero vs. Soldier
  33. Ultimate Genseishin, Descent
  34. Prelude to a new battle
  35. Awake! Legendary Knight
  36. Majin Daruga Appears
  37. Captured Demon Knight
  38. The Tragedy of Planet Riser
  39. New Hero
  40. Flight! Boy and Mio
  41. Beat It! Demon Beast Zarigan
  42. Showdown! The Three Commanders
  43. The Supreme Hero
  44. Justiriser Attack Command!
  45. Adorocs' Final Strategy
  46. Unknown Changing Power
  47. The Strongest Majin Appears!
  48. Infiltration! Daruga Base!
  49. Resurrection! Genseishin
  50. Attack on Earth begins!
  51. The dream that begins tomorrow


Characters and Monsters

  • Riser Glen
  • Riser Shirogane
  • Riser Kageri
  • Riser Gant
  • Demon Knight
  • Mio Tendou
  • Reika Motomiya
  • Gentaro Date
  • Kaiser Hades
  • Doctor Zora
  • General Bachuss
  • Cyber Knight Zaurus
  • Cyber Knight Morgulis
  • Cyber Knight Gildoross
  • Cyber Knight Armorgunner
  • Cyber Knight RhinoSlave
  • Cyber Knight Zekard
  • Cyber Knight Guardius
  • Cyber Knight Raijimeus
  • Cyber Knight Gundelon
  • Death Commando Gillmond
  • Death Commando Destalan
  • Death Commando Basky
  • Death Commando Twins Knight (Gold & Silver)
  • Death Commando Danhauser
  • Majin Daruga
  • Commander Adorocs
  • Zakoal
  • Rejandar Valgan
  • Rejandar Gargoid
  • Rejandar Gameleon
  • Rejandar Armyul
  • Rejandar Drak
  • Defrog
  • Gildoross
  • Armorgunner
  • Troidon
  • Buglian
  • Guardius
  • Gillmone
  • Deathborg Leogaias
  • KingZero
  • Deathborg Bulgaro
  • Devoras
  • Scarabaeus
  • Glaster
  • Darkness Beast Bahadorg
  • Zarigan
  • Egzerion
  • Mecha Giant Beast Megarion

Weapons, vehicles, and races



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