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Image gallery for Bulgario

Bulgario in The Justirisers
Alternate names Burugario
Subtitle(s) Desto-Borg
(デストボーグ,   Desutobōgu)[1],
Mecha Gigantic Beast
(メカ巨獣,   Meka Kyojū)[1]
Species Giant robotic ape
Height 48 meters[1]
Weight 12,000 metric tons[1]
Enemies Riseross
Played by Kiyoshi Hayashi
First appearance Latest appearance
The Justirisers Episode 24: The Plan to Destroy Riseross! Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie:
Fight! Star Soldiers
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Bulgario (ブルガリオ,   Burugario) is a mecha that first appeared in episode 24 of the 2004 tokusatsu kaiju series, The Justirisers titled The Plan to Destroy Riseross!




The Justirisers

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Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie: Fight! Star Soldiers

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Bulgario is capable of flight.

Rocket Launchers

Bulgario has two six-cell heat-seeking rocket launchers located on either side of its head.

Arm Cannons

Bulgario is equipped with large cannons in its palms.


  • Bulgario is a tribute to Mechani-Kong, who was one of special effects director Koichi Kawakita's favorite kaiju. Kawakita planned to include Mechani-Kong in several unmade projects during the Heisei series, but to his disappointment the mech never appeared in another film.[2]


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