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A Reptilian in the Leviathan
Species Bio-engineered reptilian creatures
Controlled by Leviathan Aliens
Relations Leviathan Aliens (Creators)
Enemies H.E.A.T.
Created by Fil Barlow
First appearance "Leviathan"
For the film, see Reptilian (film).

The Reptilians are reptilian guard dog kaiju who appear in the 1998 Godzilla: The Series episode, "Leviathan."


The Reptilians were genetically bred from several different species of prehistoric reptiles, mainly aquatic ones.


Godzilla: The Series


After crash landing on the planet Earth, near the end of its Cretaceous period, the Leviathan Aliens took the native dinosaurs and selectively bred them to act as guard dogs on their ship Leviathan while they went into stasis and sent out a distress beacon. Sixty-five million years later, three scientists picked up the Leviathan Alien transmission and went to investigate. They were promptly attacked by Reptilians, who took them to their Leviathan Alien masters. Later, when the H.E.A.T. team came to investigate, Reptilians started attacking them when they entered the ship. Monique Dupre pulled out her flare gun and shot at them, but this did not hold them back for long. They started to chase her and the others, and they soon hit a dead end, but Niko Tatopoulos backed up into a fleshy wall and it opened up. The crew went in and it closed after Monique entered, leaving the Reptilians behind.



The Reptilians have several tentacles connected to their jaws. They can extend to reach to their targets.


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In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese ガード・ドッグ[1] Gādo Doggu Guard Dog
Flagicon Russia.png Russian Рептилиане Reptiliane Transliteration of English name


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