Monique Dupre

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Monique Dupre
Monique Dupre
Species Human
Nationality French
Occupation Secret Service Agent
First appearance New Family: Part 2
Played by Brigette Bako

Monique Dupre is a protagonist in the 1998 Godzilla based TV show Godzilla: The Series.


Monique is first seen in episode two of Godzilla: The Series, New Family: Part 2. She is first encountered taking files from Nick Tatopoulos' computer. It is later revealed that she was sent by the French government to exterminate Godzilla. She apparently succeeds, but her success is brought into question by mysterious activity in Jamaica. She then offers Tatopoulos equipment and funding for kaiju research. Nick reluctantly accepts and allows her to be part of the team.She later proves to be invaluable to the team, with her vast arsenal of non-lethal weaponry, her quick thinking, and her highly developed skills in hand-to-hand combat. Monique is always willing to take on dangerous missions and tasks.



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