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Elsie Chapman
Elsie Chapman in GODZILLA
Species Human
Nationality American
Occupation Paleontologist
Related to Kate Chapman (sister),
Jack Chapman (father),
Peg Chapman (mother)
First appearance Latest appearance
GODZILLA (1998) Godzilla: The Series
Played by Vicki LewisG98, Charity JamesGTS,
Yukari Nozawa (Japanese theatrical dub)G98,
Mami Koyama (Japanese Nippon TV dub)G98

Dr. Elsie Chapman is a supporting character in the 1998 film GODZILLA, and a protagonist in its animated sequel Godzilla: The Series.



In the 1998 film, Elsie is first seen on screen briefing Dr. Nick Tatopoulos on the situation. She is convinced that Nick is not the correct person to be investigating Godzilla, and she is to some extent correct. Throughout the film she works with the American military to try and find a weakness in the creature. She is highly cynical and sarcastic.

Godzilla: The Series

Elsie is first seen in episode 1 of the show, which begins during the events of the film from earlier that year. She is called in to scan for electrical activity in Madison Square Garden, where Godzilla made his nest. After this, soldiers come into the tent she and Mendel Craven had used to perform research in and begin to confiscate their findings. Elsie is upset by this, and Nick Tatopoulos shows her and Craven his research facilities, and introduces them to Randy Hernandez. She then becomes a valuable member of H.E.A.T.. Throughout the series, Elsie develops a rivalry with Nick's girlfriend Audrey Timmonds, who accuses her of trying to take Tatopoulos' affections away from her. Whenever Timmonds makes such accusations Elsie always scoffs at them.

Video Games

Godzilla: The Series

One morning, Niko Tatopoulos summoned the rest of H.E.A.T. to discuss the recent attack of an electric mutation. She and Randy Hernandez visited the building it had destroyed previously, which turned out to be the Manhattan Neural Center, where the room of a patient named Sidney Walker who was being treated for insomnia by amplifying his brainwaves. Godzilla was able to defeat the monster due to Randy's antagonizing the man, and preventing his thoughts from sustaining the Crackler. Later, the team arrived on an island hosting a mutant ecosystem created by irradiated lavaflow from a radioactive volcano that Elsie was excited to explore alongside Nick and Monique Dupre. Despite his aid, Elsie was still not entirely convinced was more than an animal looking out for its own interests, despite Nick's insistence to the contrary. As the foes facing him grew ever stronger, he still accompanied them on their missions. While investigating missing swimmers on a sunset beach plagued by mysterious tar, the team assumed a group of Mutant Giant Squids were at fault when they attacked the ship, but the true culprit proved to be Crustaceous Rex, who was soon defeated by Godzilla. Afterward, Godzilla began to become agitated, and it was soon revealed to be "the world's hunkiest billionaire" Cameron Winter was behind both that, and the mysterious military vehicles that had been attacking Godzilla all along belonged to his company Solstice Technologies, and he had been using Godzilla to test his armaments. When they took off the "Neural Stimulator" that Winter had planted on Godzilla to make him unruly, the mutation brought Winter's entire operation to the ground, and swam alongside the Heat-Seeker on its way back to New York under a moonlit sky.

Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars



Godzilla: The Series


  • Elsie Chapman was a firm believer in the existence of alien life and the Loch Ness Monster well before meeting either of them.
  • The film version of Elsie makes a brief cameo along with other human characters from across the franchise in the end credits sequence for Godzilla: Singular Point, fleeing from a dueling Manda and King Caesar.


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