Dr. Liesendorf

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Dr. Liesendorf
Dr. Liesendorf in Frankenstein vs. Baragon
Species Human
Nationality German
Occupation Scientist
First appearance Frankenstein vs. Baragon
Played by Peter Mann

Dr. Liesendorf (リーセンドルフ博士,   Rīsendorufu Hakase) is a character who appears in the 1965 Toho kaiju film, Frankenstein vs. Baragon.


Showa era

Frankenstein vs. Baragon

A sinister scientist working for the Nazis during the later years of World War II, Dr. Liesendorf came into possession of the living heart of Frankenstein's monster. When Germany lost the war, the Nazis took the heart away from Liesendorf and secreted the heart to Japan. Fifteen years later, Dr. Kenichiro Kawaji came to Germany to speak with Liesendorf about whether a boy in their care might in fact be the real Frankenstein, grown from the living heart. A bitter Liesendorf told Kawaji that if he amputated the boy's arm and it grew back, then it would prove he was Frankenstein.


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