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Tako in King Kong vs. Godzilla
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Aliases Yoshio Tako (John Beck English version)
Affiliation Pacific Pharmaceutical
Occupation Advertising department director
First appearance King Kong vs. Godzilla
Played by Ichiro Arishima
Les Tremayne (voice; English dub)
"No more" is taboo in publicity! (宣伝に“もういい”はない!)

— Mr. Tako (King Kong vs. Godzilla)

Mr. Tako (多胡部長,   Tako Buchō, lit. "Director Tako") is the advertising department director of Pacific Pharmaceutical and a supporting character in the 1962 Godzilla film King Kong vs. Godzilla.


While only his surname is spoken in the original Japanese version of the film, John Beck's English cut of King Kong vs. Godzilla gives Tako the first name Yoshio. Since Tako's surname is homophonous with the Japanese word for octopus (タコ,   tako), Furue mistakenly assumes Sakurai is referring to Tako when alerting him about the Giant Octopus.


Tako is an enthusiastic, impatient, often short-tempered businessman who never doubles back on his ideas to generate greater publicity for his company, and by extension his own personal achievements before he retires. Stemming from this, he shows little regard for the potential consequences of using a dangerous giant creature like King Kong as a mascot, exhibiting an almost child-like whimsy toward the monster.


Showa era

King Kong vs. Godzilla

Tako was the director of Pacific Pharmaceutical's advertising department who, in an attempt to boost ratings on the company sponsored television program, the World Wonder Series, mounted an expedition with Tokyo Television to Faro Island to capture footage of the monster King Kong. On watching news footage of Godzilla, he decided to capture Kong and bring him back to Japan.


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