Anna Otonashi

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Anna Otonashi
Anna Otonashi
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Televisual Journalist
Related to Miyuki Otonashi (Sister),
Douglas Gordon (Lover),
Candy (Dog)
First appearance Godzilla Final Wars
Played by Maki Mizuno

Anna Otonashi (音無 杏奈,   Otonashi An'na) is a human protagonist from the 2004 Godzilla film, Godzilla Final Wars. She is left out of the action aboard the Gotengo so that there could be a human left if the crew failed their mission.


Millennium era

Godzilla Final Wars

While preparing for an interview at Nitto Studios, Anna spoke lightheartedly with the United Nations Secretary-General Daigo. However, shortly after, monsters began to attack all over the world, and she reported those as well. However, the Secretary-General went missing before being returned by a race of Aliens, which lead to the General announcing the dissolution of the United Nations, and its being replaced by the Space Nations, a decision which Anna was suspicious of. While examining her recording of the Secretary's speech, she noticed that he did not blink for the whole time, and showed her findings to her sister Miyuki Otonashi and her Mutant bodyguard Shinichi Ozaki. The three then met the Secretary, who showed no recognition of Anna or recollection of their previous meeting, or of his personal life. However, before he could walk away, a man attempted to kill him with a knife as he believed that he would bring ruin on the world. Miyuki offered him treatment, but he refused and walked on. Miyuki then ran tests on the blood and determined that the Secretary was a Xilien. In the lab, they deduced that the alleged planetoid Gorath that the aliens had warned of was a hologram, and with their leaders replaced Ozaki fetched Douglas Gordon from captivity.

While filming a talk show, Anna interviewed Daigo, and two Xiliens. During the interview, she brought her dog Candy out as a trick to expose Daigo by making him think it was his dog. Just after she revealed her trick, Gordon came in with a Xilien corpse which lead to the Controller of Planet X declaring a hostile takeover after shooting his superior. Gordon called in Mutants to fight the Xiliens, who took over their minds before disappearing. They managed to escape, but were attacked by a mutant, and Ozaki left to pursue him on a motorbike. The team then went to the Gotengo's underground dock, where Gordon formulated a plan to release Godzilla from Area G to fight off the invasion. Anna opted to stay behind on the operation, and was given a camera to record the day's events and to retell them over the generations.

When the Gotengo destroyed the Xilien mothership, and Godzilla had killed their alien monsters, Anna and Candy walked out of the rubble to greet Captain Gordon, and watched as Godzilla and Minilla walked out into the sea.



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